Hannah's POV

My eyes ran over her once more, it was unusual to find a woman with the same beliefs I had, and one this beautiful was a foreign sight.

"So where are you from?"

"I live up the street a few minutes from here," she announced and I nodded watching as Ms Patsy returned her gaze on the floor earning a frown from us both.

"There is no one around to scold you, you can make eye contact dear," I announced and she smiled looking up at me, I had met the woman twice each time irritating me more than before since where I was from people of colour had more rights. They were treated like human beings they were instead of like property and less than.

"Do you need a refill?" She asked looking over to Patience and she released a small smile.

"Yes please Patsy, I might as well bring home a cup since I have no luck in making it as wonderfully as you do even with the recipe you offered," She announced making Patsy smile.

"I had feeling it would turn out for the worst especially with the kitchen skills you possess," Patsy replied making her laugh, the sound nulling and I smiled loving the way she interacted with Patsy in spite of the laws here.

"I'll be back shortly," Patsy added removing the jug from the table walking off.

"Friends I assume,"

"Close friends, she is the only person I can actually hold a conversation with that doesn't centre around pleasing men and society," Patience replied rolling her eyes.

"Now I can be added to those conversations, since it is my strong suit, or it could just be us if you like," I offered smiling appreciating the way her dark brown hair moved as she looked up at me.

"That would be lovely," she replied and I nodded enjoying her company.

"So what do you do, when your not bashing men?" I asked amused and she laughed slightly.

"I read, mostly poetry," she answered and I nodded tapping my fingers against the table softly since I couldn't tell if she had taken an interest to me, the way I had taken one to her.

"Have you ever read any work from the poet Sappho?" I asked hopefully

"No I haven't," she replied and I mentally cursed myself knowing that they wouldn't sell or even distribute such books in these parts, it was the main reason my father had chosen this as our new destination to live, to eliminate my 'ungodly behaviour' it-

"Did I say something wrong?" She asked breaking my string of thoughts.

"Of course not," I replied my fingers pausing against the table and a thought popped into my head.

"I actually have a copy in my car, why don't I leave it with you?" I asked hope clear in my voice.

"So the automobile outside belongs to you?" She asked and I smiled.

"You speak with such surprise, and I thought where I came from was ancient," I joked and she smiled shyly.

"I actually have never seen one, except for the ones on the television," she announced and I stood an idea coming to mind.

"Why don't we go for a drive then?" I asked fixing my suit and she smiled.

"Mother would kill me,"

"Another time then," I offered and she smiled nodding happily.

"I'll get the book for you, give me a minute," I replied walking off, the moment I got outside I unlocked my car pulling the door open, grabbing the book off the front seat.

"Hannah," I heard Claude call out and I smiled looking up to catch him walking towards me.

"You told me ten Claude it's now eleven I had to sit with Lydia again," I replied and he chuckled.

"Had to pick up these," he replied referring to the Daisies.

"Are you leaving?" He asked frowning.

"No I just came to get a book," I replied and he nodded walking off as I closed my door locking it once more. No one knows about my sexuality in these parts, mostly because it was a crime to love the same sex. But people made their assumptions from how I dressed while others played it off as me trying to be a disobedient woman wanting to take the roles men played. I heard every whisper and gossip but chose to ignore it, knowing how collecting negative thoughts could destroy one's reality.

I sighed making my way into the house only to be greeted by the sight of Patsy struggling with a tray that contained both tea and lemonade.

"Let me help," I offered smiling holding the book in one hand using the other to remove the jug from the tray.

"Thank you," she replied smiling

"It's my pleasure," I told her as we made our way back to where I had left Patience, the moment we got outside we were greeted with a full house, and Patsy immediately went back to her conservative self making me frown slightly. I moved my other hand behind me concealing the title of the book, knowing this form of writing was frowned upon especially in these parts.

I moved closer placing the jug of lemonade on the table not missing the stares.

"What are you doing carrying the jug, that's Patsy's job," Claude announced

"I practically begged her to carry it, she declined numerous times," I replied my eyes moving over to Patience who looked highly uncomfortable sitting in between Claude and a woman I assumed to be her mother since they shared multiple similarities.

"Who is this young man?" The woman I assumed to be Patience's mother asked a look of disgust on her face.

"I'm a woman," I replied

"I've never seen a woman in a suit,"

"Well now you have a story to tell your grandchildren," I replied not missing the small smile that appeared on Patience's face.

"I shall get going, I need to get to court by twelve, Claude, Mr Walters, Patience," I called out respectfully dismissing myself.

I walked towards the sitting room remembering my tie I had left, I quickly picked it up as the sound of footsteps approached me and I turned to see Patsy making her way to the kitchen and I stopped her.

"Can you do me a favour and get this to Patience?" I asked and she nodded taking the book.

"Discreetly please," I added and she smiled walking away, I could hear the chatter from the back and my mind could only begin to imagine the gossip that had started to formulate about me now that I was out of their sight.









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