Hannah's POV

I sat there comfortably, my gaze of appreciation staying on her as she continued to read the poem I had asked her to. A small smile met my face as I took in the slight movements of her lips as she read which complimented her look of deep concentration.

"Ms Gails," I heard Ms Brown call out and I turned my head facing her, snapping out of my trance.

"What is this?" I asked softly frowning, taking the letter from her outstretched hands.

"It was sent by your father," she announced as I began pulling it open.

"Thank you, Ms Brown," I replied silently dismissing her, I leaned back in the chair as I unfolded the paper reading the words written.

I'm writing this letter with nothing but disgrace and shame in mind, your actions have left me dishonoured and in utter disbelief. Mr Walters has informed me of your trespasses against him and his family, you shall return Mr Walters property at once, Patsy is not yours to k

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