Chasing his
Chasing his
Author: Praise Odulesi




The tiny grasses in that bush had caused a lot of wounds on my feet and its sole. As I ran with all energy I could presently build, my abdomen and chest region held a choking pain. The friction between the asphalt and my feet was an enormous one. Bruises were on my face, arms and shoulders, while wounds mirrored on my feet, legs and hands. 

But, in all, what was this pain compared to the pain I'd face if anything had to happen to my family?

The sky was dark. Really dark. When I had taken a look at the wall clock in the building I had been captured, it was almost midnight. Above my head, stood the tall palm trees my wife and I loved to view every year we visited this place. Right now, the only bright thing was the fulll moon. It gleamed on the road, serving as an illuminant to direct my path. A path that led to the hut my wife and daughter was. 

"Helen, Renee," I muttered underneath my breath, trying to remain strong. Those people were the ones that could give me the strength to keep moving at this moment. If anything had to happen to them, my life would be the same as being useless. 

Sweat dripped from my forehead like a tap which was halfly open. My shirt, on the other hand, was soaked in sweat. I was so tense and weak. Although I was close to reaching my wife and daughter, I still felt so disturbed.

"There he is!" Hearing that holler, a pang jolted down my spine. How did they reach me? I thought I put so much effort in escaping them. 

Thinking about the fact that my family and I might not survive this, my eyes watered. Only if I had know this year's vacation would end up being a terror, I wouldn't have dared to come here. 

Tears left my eyes, mixed with my sweat, automatically created a greater fear within me. This wasn't the time to cry. This was the time to escape with my family. 

Finally, I reached the hut. Gasping for air, I jerked the small wooden door open. A few minutes was what I had left. If I didn't leave here soon, my effort would be a waste. 

"John!" Helen cried the moment she spotted me. Hurrying to me, worry plastered all through her face. 

I was almost shattered to see her fretting, but I tried to remain steady. Dropping my hands on my knee, I panted harder.

 "Helen." Her name left my lips amid hard breaths. "Pack up. Quickly. We have to leave here."

"What's wrong?" She asked. 

Looking up at her, I trembled on seeing tears in her eyes. "Don't ask any question, please. We've got limited time. Where's Renee?"

"Sh-she's in the room." Tears rolled down her cheek, her chocolate brown eyes beaming fear. 

"Get her." I managed to stand up straight. "We've got to leave. Forget about any other thing, ok? Just get her now. Please."

She nodded, spun around, ran towards the tiny room door. 

Petrified, I leaned my back against the door, praying that nothing would happen till we were able to get to my car. Since one of Scott's men had seen me running here, there was a probability we wouldn't be able to escape. I just had to be positive. 

"I'm set to leave," Helen announced. 

I rushed to her, took our two months old baby girl from her arm, and sighed. Using my left hand to grab the necklace in my pocket, I looked at Helen, gave her a smile to make her feel better. 

"It'll be fine," I assured her. 

"What's going on?" She asked in a whisper. 

"Let's leave here first." The moment I had the necklace in my hand, I hurried to put it around my sleeping daughter's neck. 

"What's that for?" Helen's voice grew fainter, whimpers eluding her lips. 

I looked up at her, smiled warmly. "Irrespective of what happens tonight, ensure this necklace doesn't leave her neck, ok?"

She nodded. "I'm so confused."

"It'll be fine. Let's leave now." I dropped a kiss on her cheek.

Taking her hand in mine, we ran out of the hut, heading to my car. The intensity I used to run this time around, was greater than the previous one. Good for me, Helen was a great runner as well. 

Although we were almost leaving this place, I was still so regretful that we had come here. This place was where Helen and I had always been spending our vacation in the past years of being together. How would I have known the place we always enjoyed, would be the place that'd create a trauma for me?

"He's there!" I felt weaker on hearing that voice. Not just weaker. I also felt anxious. 

"What's going on?" Helen kept weeping, as we continued to run. 

My legs shook, my body trembled. I felt close to death, but I just had to be strong. I was getting too weak.

"Stop!" The moment we were about to take a turn to the street where I had parked my car, the bunch of dudes appeared in front of us. Dressed in black suit, all on black sunglasses, tall and huge like bouncers. Confused, I turned around, only for me to see another bunch of guys. 

Not knowing what to do, I scrolled my eyes left, right, front and back, but there was nothing. We were literally trapped. 

I gripped Helen's hand, losing hope. 

A few feets away, the guys stopped walking to us, ensuring they had created a circle around us, so there'd be no escape route. Gradually, I heard the sound of a familiar footstep. The footstep that made my heart drop to my stomach. And on seeing the guy who had once been my best friend, I swallowed my tears. 

He was all dressed up in black, a smirk coating on his lips. The moment he reached us, he dug his hands into his pocket. 

"Hi again, John?" His smirk widened. 

I clenched my jaw, glared hard. "What'll you gain from this?" My question came out acutely. Acute like a knife. 

"Hey, Helen?" He ignored me, turned to Helen. 

"Scott!" She bit out, in between gritted teeth. "I should've known you were behind this predicament. So you still don't wanna give up on me? You're married for goodness sake!"

He raised his eyebrows. "Don't yell so quickly. We haven't gotten started. And besides…" he glimpsed at me, sniggered. "You're not the only thing I'll gain from this. There's something better."

"Go to hell, Scott!" I barked. 

He step backwards, snapped his fingers in the air. "Search them, now!" He ordered. 

I was more terrified. If he had the chance to get that necklace, I'd be doomed. I'd lose my wife and maybe my daughter. I'd lose everything I had. This was definitely not going to happen. 

The moment one of the guys came to me, I held Renee tighter, and kicked him in the stomach. I guessed this was the time to use the martial arts skills I had learned years ago. 

"Leave me, you moron!" Helen cried. Turning to her, my eyes grew wide on seeing one of the guys holding her. Although she tried to leave him, her effort was almost useless. He was too strong for her. 

"Let go of my—"

"Keep quiet!" Scott appeared in front of me, glared with so much intensity, pointed a finger at me. "Don't say she's your wife. She ought to be mine. Just give me what I need, and save your damn self!"

Panting hard, I spat, "No! I won't give you anything!"

"Good." He gritted his teeth, smirked.

Moving backwards, he gripped Helen's arm, tugged her back to his torso. Shoving an arm around her neck, he took a small knife from his pocket, put it just close to her throat. 

"I'll slit her throat if you don't drop it." He threatened. 

Helen gasped for air, slightly struggling to leave him. "What's wrong with you, Scott? J-John, just give him what he wants. Let's stop this nonsense."

A tear left my eye. I wished I could tell her that that necklace would cost her and our daughter's life, but I just couldn't. 

"Scott, please stop this. It'll do you no good. Please," I beseeched. 

He burst out laughing, not seeming remorseful in any way. Helen kind of noticed he was lost in his laughter, so she jerked the arm, turned around, and hit in the… oh, nuts. 

"Come on!" She held my hand, leaving the moron to groan at himself. 

Agitated, we turned around. But, that was when Scott's men obstructed us from leaving. I turned to Helen, helpless. 

She gripped my hand tighter, smiled. "Just like we've always been working together for years, let's do it now. Honey, we'll escape together."

She was hopeful, but I was completely hopeless. She definitely didn't have an idea of what was going on. I just nodded, so I wouldn't make her more worried. 

The first thing she did was to kick one of the guys in his nuts. Ah, why did she like that? 

Since I was holding Renee, I tried to be very careful. I kicked one of them in the stomach. The moment another person approached me, my elbow attacked him. 

Finally, we were able to destroy the circle they had formed. So, there was an escape route. Good for us, it was in the direction my car was. 

"Come on, honey!" Helen took my hand, started to run with me. 

"They mustn't leave here!" Scott instructed. He had probably been able to get his stamina back on track. 

I breathed hard, same as Helen. Although we were running with all strength, the guys were almost reaching us. Ah, shit, this was the disadvantage of having a family vacation in a silent place. If a lot of people lived here, we could have been saved by now. 

Reaching our car, I handed Renee to Helen, unlocking our car door. But, taking a glimpse at Scott and his guys, I was dreaded. 


Definitely not. 

This couldn't happen. 

He had that simper on his lips, and he was sauntering to us. To worsen it all, he was with a… gun. The thing was, when he had captured me earlier, I had seen him load the gun with bullets. And, he wasn't just holding a gun, he was pointing it at Helen. 

"Stop right there!" He ordered. 

Oh Lord, what would I do now?

"J-Just give him," Helen whispered as she stood beside me. Tears were streaming down her cheek, her face so pale and tired. 

I shook my head. "You don't understand this."

Ignoring her questioning look, I pulled her to stand behind me. 

"What're you doing?!" She yelled. "Instead of letting him shoot you, just give it to him!"

"Five, four…" Scott began to count. 

"Stop!" She hit my back with her palm, wailing. "Don't risk this, please. You're the only one I've got! Please!"

"Go into the car. Leave here!" I wept. I had given up already. 

She continued to hit my back. "No! I can't leave you here!"

I twirled around to face her. Cupping her jaw in my palm, I tried to smile. "I'll be fine. Just—"


My words got stuck in my throat. It was as if something hit my head, swiping off every of my thoughts. I had been weak before, but I instantly became weaker. It was painful, It was critical. 

He had shot me from behind. 

A wet substance dripped from my back, seeming as if my soul was drifting from me. But, irrespective of this pain I felt, I would still find a way to get my family out of here. 

Helen's eyes bulged open, tears leaving them. Her lips moved, but she said nothing. 

"He-Helen." I choked as I called her name. Crackling sounds escaped my throat, and I struggled to breathe. 

"J-John?" She shook. She was obviously terrified. "A-Are you fine?" 

I tried to smile, keeping my groans to myself. "Just go." That came out in a whisper. "I promise to return. You know I never break my promises, right?"

She shook her head, but I nodded instead. 

"I can't leave you here. Y-You're—"

I cut into her with a soft kiss. Pulling away, I felt my body crumbling. "Go for my sake. I'll return."

She continued to shake her head. "N-No."

"And for Renee's sake." I smiled warmer. 

She wept more, and more. I saw thick pain in her eyes, which made me more bitter Ah, this was all my fault. 

"I love you." Her hand moved to her lips, blocking the sobs that wanted to leave her mouth. "I'll wait for you. Please, don't come home late. I'll trust you."

"I'll always love you," I said. 

Immediately, she hopped into the car. The moment she stepped in, Scott and his guys started to run towards us. But, it was too late for them. She had started the car. 

"Bye, honey," I mumbled to myself as I saw her drive away. 

This time around, my promise wasn't going to be fulfilled. I had lied to her. I was definitely not going to be able to return home. 

"How dare you?" A strong arm tugged my arm, twirled my weak body around, and hit me across the face. 

I tried to inhale some air, but everything seemed choking. It felt like my lungs got damaged. 

Looking up at Scott, my eyes rounded. "Please, don't do anything to my family." I grunted. The pain in my back was aggravating. My health was absolutely deteriorating. "Just forget about everything. I'll forgive you for betraying me. There's no point in this."

He clenched his teeth, threw me to the floor. Crouching to reach me, he jerked the torn collar of my shirt. "For the last time…" the threat in his voice worsened. "Where. Is. It."

I weakly shook my head. "I won't give it to you."

He scoffed, then threw me back. With a sneer on his lips, he prompted, "Say your last prayer."

"Please. Please. Don't do—"

And that was it. It was now over. 

This time around, his bullet was striked on my chest. Gradually, I moved my eyes to the spot where I felt the pain. Seeing blood gushing from it, I yelped in pain. 

And, that was the last thing my sight caught. Everything else went void. Nothing could be heard, nothing could be seen. 

Was this death?




Seated on the bed in my hotel room, drying my wet air with a dryer, someone jerked my room door open. Who would do that? Confused, I moved my eyes to the direction of the sound. 

"What?" I hissed on seeing one of my workers. 

He gasped for air, hurried to me. Lowering his head, he stated, "Sir, we've got to leave here as soon as possible. The police are investigating the scene John died"

"Really?" I stood up, quite anxious. 

"Yes, sir. If we don't leave here soon, they might find a way to track our location."

I glared, so annoyed. "Shit! Did you guys ensure to not leave a sign that we were there last night?"

He nodded. 

"Okay." I hunched a sigh. "Since my house is far from here, they might not be able to get me. So, pack up now. We'll leave."

"Okay, sir."

I turned to the huge glass window which was close to my bed. Curling up my fingers into a fist, I clasped my teeth, feeling so wrathful. 

"John Todd, I'll get what I want at all costs. Irrespective of what it takes, I'll achieve this. Your death won't change a thing," I promised myself. 

And, of course, this was definitely not a false promise. It was real. No matter what it'd take, I'd get what belonged to me. I didn't know how I'd do it, but I was surely going to get it. 


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