Eleven: Triangles

I lowered my head, bit my lip, feeling so embarrassed. Fine, Roy and I had grown close in the last few weeks, he came here often, we chatted a lot more. But did that mean he should come here without telling me? 

This was so embarrassing. 

Rolling my fingers into a fist, I raised my neck to look at them. Barb had a crazy smile on her lips, and she winked at me. The moment I looked away, my eyes caught Virg standing by the threshold of the door which led to the corridor. 

"Oh. I forgot to tell you that I poked you because I saw Roy coming," she uttered. Saying that, she walked back in. 

What was wrong with my friends?

"You know what?" Barb smirked. She leaned forward, pinched my cheek. "Maybe we should leave you both. Bella and I need to catch up with something."

"True," Bella affirmed, and winked too.  

I shoo

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