Forty two: Bond

I wasn't hearing the honking car anymore. Was this death? Was I in heaven? But woah, I was still hearing the barking guys. 

I pressed my hands against my ears, not wanting to hear anything. I just kept weeping. I just wanted everything to be silent. 

"Are you fine?" That voice was familiar. I knew that person. 

Slowly I raised my neck to spot whoever had asked me that. And, this instant, I knew a miracle existed. This was a miracle. A big one.

"Roy!" I jumped from the ground, cuddled him tightly. He dropped a kiss on my forehead, soothed my hair, sighed. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"I'm so scared." I wept on his chest. "I thought they would kill me."

"Don't worry." He cupped my jaw, looking so worried. "They won't hurt you any longer. I'm here to help you out."

I nodded. 


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