Forty three: News

This bed was comfy, comfy enough for me to have a great sleep. I rolled on it, pulled the blanket over my naked chest, yawned as well. Wait, why was my chest naked? 

"Oh my gosh!" I sat up straight, gasped. I was on Roy's bed. Naked on his bed. 

Ah, quite embarrassing. 

I pulled the blanket up, to cover my chest, ran my fingers through my rough hair. Where was Roy? He wasn't on the bed. Did he go somewhere?

Glancing up at the wall clock, I grumbled on seeing it was nine in the morning. First, mom would be so worried. Second, my roomies would be worried. Also, I wasn't supposed to sleep till nine! 

Heaving a sigh, my eyes caught the shirt I had worn last night. And, that brought a clear memory of how Roy had slipped off the shirt from my body, how he had almost ripped off my underwear, how he had adored my body. He had made my first time so memorable. I was gla

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