Chapter 68: This Is My Scythe?!



K Whatever was squishing her ghostly black air hand and clenched her ghostly fist... It feels normal...?

But what is normal?

"V? What the heck is going on?" K Whatever looked around the place. Everything was dark except the moonlights that stands as a light. Looking around, K Whatever realized there are tombs everywhere!

She covered her mouth from shock, "Am I dead? Again? How the heck does a soul possess another soul? What am I a joke?"

"V! Freaking explain what happened!" K Whatever screamed this time as she couldn't hear anything from her mind. 

She stood up but to her astonishment, she was already floating! "Seriously, I really am a ghost!" 

"Hihihihi~" K Whatever giggles and tried to float. She did successfully and floats around the cemetery, "Hello? Anybody

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