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Arc 1: Enchantrix Race!

Update: Completed

"I think I got the wrong turn?" Kiera, who only followed the light, was lost in the unknown place.

"Welcome players to the Enchantrix Game!" Said the system.

"Yep, definitely wrong place..." She shrugged, "Welp, what could make it worse than getting lost after dying?"

"The game is... Race of the Sperms! Good luck!"



"Sperm is a bullet of disaster, hence it is a monster race!" --Kiera, 2020



0001- Can They Poof It Back?

0002- A Bullet Of Disaster!

0003- I'm Not Alone

0004- Playmate?

0005- A Glitch?

0006- Did I Cry? I Don't Remember

0007- I'm A Coward

0008- I Blinked

0009- The More The Merrier

0010- Farjo Family

0011- I Wish...

0012- I Wish For Her Happiness...

0013- Please, Add One More

0014- I Miss Her...

0015- Slap Fish!

0016- Hero Sperm

0017- You Look Like An Angel

0018- I Really Became A Tadpole?!

0019- Promise!

0020- I Didn't Do Anything Wrong!

0021- This Family Is Disgusting!

0022- The Goblin's Last Raid

0023- Side Story


Arc 2: My Wife Is A Closet Yandere!

Update: Completed

Hubby: What are you doing?

K: Playing.

Hubby: *sees another guy who got tied up and only wearing boxers with mouth covered*

K: He wants to PaPaPa me and I said no, but he insists so I said I want to try BDSM. *took the kitchen knives and threw them to the guy who got tied up*

Hubby: ...

K: If his crown survives from my knives, I'll ask you if he can PaPaPa me, of course, your decision matters... But if you agree, we will divorce, duh!

Hubby: ...

Spectators: ...


"I died before I could marry my unknown fiancee yet here I am marrying another man... Well, as long as he has eyeglasses!~" 

-K Whatever



0024- Player 07

0025- Not Only I Died Instantly, But I Also Died Disgustingly!

0026- June 24

0027- The Male Lead Have Manners!

0027- Dahlia and Sebastian

0029- Space Bag

0030- Newlywed Couple

0031- Can You Believe It, I Fell For You?

0032- Survival of the Crown!

0033- Pouncing Anyone Near You?

0034- You Are My Wife After All


0036- Claire Sense

0037- Cocoon And Her

0038- 20 Syringes

0039- Did You Have Fun Exploring? 

0040- You Have A Job?

0041- Not A Gentleman At All!

0042- Your Wife Is More Valuable Than Things You Own

0043- Cheers, Goodluck Cleaning

0044- I Am His First Man

0045- The Male Lead's Affection

0046- The Normal Date

0047- Who Would Remember Anything?

0048- Oops...

0049- May The World Of This World Give You Its Luck

0050- Anyone Can Stop The Loop?

0051- YOLO!

0052- Endurance 

0053- New Toys or New Puppets?

0054- Newcomers?

0055- 12th Time


0056- What A Lovely Mother Indeed

0057- This Isn't Your Turf

0058- It Wasn't Me This Time!

0059- Partner?

0060- Big Brother Is Here~

0061- A Goblin In Flesh!

0062- The Chant

0063- Want To Frame Your Father's Head?

0064: The New Nightingale




Arc 3: Reaper's Scythe Is A Scissor?!

Update: Ongoing

"Yow! Sinful soul, how about you behave for a little while for my scythe to bring you to the underworld peacefully?" I grinned as I took out my grim kiddie size scissors with the host's favourite cartoon character.

The soul I encountered was flabbergasted at first but then started to laugh after, "Pft! You call that a scythe? What? You gonna rip my soul or cut my hair instead?! I bet that's safety scissors only enough to cut a paper! Hahaha!"

I pouted, It's not my fault this host chose such a scythe! She could choose garden scissors yet choose this! 

I flipped my hair like nothing happened, "Huh, you must be scared so badly you started laughing like a maniac~ I can't help it if you're a baby~"



"I just want to accumulate soul points but those souls I encountered keep laughing at my scythe! Laugh now because later you'll cry on my amazing scythe!" --- K Whatever




0067: Bonus Mission

0068: This Is My Scythe?!

0069: You're My Dadey~

0070: The Sacrificial Reaper

0071: You Can Be Whoever You Want

0072: Oh, A Dish. Lucky!

0073: You Were Expelled

0074: Then Why Are You Still Here?

0075: Tresspassers In Balero Street!

0076: Dear Handsome and Strong Evil Spirit

007: Treasure Hunt

0078: Small Dk Joe

0079: I Know It Is You

0080; This Is Your World!

0081: The White Lady's Request

0082: We Did Not Kill HIm

0083: It Was Never An Error To Begin With



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