Chapter 1: Can They Poof It Back?

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"Welcome players to the Enchantrix game!"

Hmm? Players? Game?

That's when I realized... "I think I got the wrong turn..."

Did I even hear it right? Or this place isn't where I'm supposed to be?

I don't know if I should be scared but with how I grew up, I learned how to be calm in any situation.

For now, I'll just listen to what this unknown monotone voice has to say.

Maybe I can join even if I wasn't invited to this game. I'm already dead, I would lose nothing except my soul, right?

Will they even eat my soul just like in the novels or movies? Welp, instead of worrying, better to listen before deciding.

I mean, I still didn't know if they even let me play, haha.

The unknown monotone voice started to speak again and I shut up and waited. "Some of you died unjustly, some died to save the others, some died accidentally. But!"

While that voice speaking, I was observing the other ghosts. Nobody was talking and just like me, they were curious about what this voice has to say.

Waiting for the explanation.

The unknown voice continues in enthusiasm but still in a monotone voice, ironic right? "I know all of you have lingering desires that left on Earth! The regrets and a wish for something you wanted before dying!"

"This is the place for that! The second chance!"

Now that's tempting. And he was right, I died just before I could taste two drops of my freedom. But how will I even go back if my body was smashed like that? 

Can they poof it back?

And... I'm always ready to die... I don't mind... We are gonna die at any moment so I prepared myself for that.

My insurance, my treasures, I made sure I have a last will of testament.

Well, it wasn't that big money, they weren't even all money, but instead of the treasures I kept, I signed to give it all to my family and my friends.

I'm always prepared for something like this. Even if I know how hurt it must be to them seeing me die like that.

Nevertheless, I didn't regret anything. Even the reason why I stayed in my family like that.

I know I'm being selfish like this but we all know eventually we'll die.

It just, there is one promise I wanted to keep so badly...

A promise I was hoping to keep before I die...

If I knew I'm gonna die early, I shouldn't have waited for my housewarming party before keeping it.

I was so excited...

I wonder if I can still keep that promise if I join this game? 

It doesn't matter if I can't go back to my original body. I just wanted to keep that promise even if it only lasts for a minute.

While I was pondering, the voice continues his advertising for whatever is going to happen.

"You may be wondering what are you all doing here, or where you are. Well, you are in an Enchantrix space!"

"A space that has only one door that can be open by your regret, desires, and other strong emotions!"

Hmm? That's weird, I just found the light when I accepted my death. I don't remember this so-called 'strong emotion'.

Yep, I'm certainly lost. And I'm sure I wasn't invited. 

Then how did I got here? How did I open the door? Am I just a genius or what?

"This place will be a chance for your wish to come true! Join this race and your wish will come true!"

"Oh! But what if my wish is to go back but my body was burned and nothing left!" The voice changed for real this time, from monotone to a girly-like voice, however, it is in a sarcastic tone. "Well, you can wish to go back in time, of course!"

My eyes widen from what the voice said.

We can go back in time? Well, that is surely a better way to go back and change our fate.

However, we already died once, what if it is our destiny to die at this age? Is it worth the wish to go back in time but still gonna die after with a different scenario?

That sounds like a scam then.

The voice changed again with like the soft one this time, "What if you didn't want to go back but still going to wish for something either for others or yours? Well, that's fine! Anything is possible in this space! As long as you don't wish for someone to die instead!"

The voice stopped for a moment but came back with a different one, a tone that gives chills. "Killing others is prohibited in a wish... However, nobody said you can't torture them right?"

I was stunned for a moment as I thought the same thing when the voice said we can't kill anyone. That voice has a nice way of thinking.

For me, death is an easy punishment. It is way better if I torture those I hate with something they desire then I destroy it in front of them.

To see your treasure or loved ones destroyed in front of you certainly gives despair. I know that because I often felt that.

Too bad I don't hate anyone that badly.

So hearing the voice said that I just nodded. However, the other ghosts were scared instead.

I found it funny to be exact because they are ghosts and they are scared? Is this a horror-comedy theme?

Welp, everyone has a different way of thinking. I'll just respect it. As long as they don't meddle in my business.

The voice continued and back to the monotone voice. "This game welcomes anyone who wanted to join! Anyone who wanted their wish to come true!"

Out of nowhere in this forest-like space, a big tree emerged in the middle.

"This is the way to the game. Anyone who wanted to participate just goes inside that tree. Expect a lot of dangerous things inside once you are in."

I was right, they didn't say much but only warn us now. I want a wish? Of course, there's a catch!

And dangers out there probably aren't the real deal.

It must be the payment for the wish we make.

Like the one, they said earlier, about can't kill but can torture? It's like saying cursing others.

If I curse others, what will be the effect on me? Will I even lose more? That's the real question but no one asked nor the voice explained more.

Though, even me, I didn't ask. I'm too lazy to be noticed just because I asked a question. I prefer others to ask that instead and let them be in the spotlight.

"If you aren't brave enough to participate, then go back where you enter before. The reapers are waiting for you outside and will guide you to the place where you should be."

"If you have any other question... Save it."

"You have 10 minutes to decide, the tree will disappear after that. Good luck!"

Then, the voice was gone and the middle of the tree has a giant door that just opens.

Nothing can be seen except a greenish light.

What should I do? Should I peacefully return or pursue my wish?

What would I lose except my soul? I can't logically decide as I didn't know the disadvantages for me. I only know we can have a wish but other than that, no other concrete explanation.

For dangers ahead inside? Meh!

Welp, at least I got my previous question asked.

A reaper was waiting outside to guide us to the right place.

That means, I truly got the wrong turn... Hence I was lost.

However, for me, everything has a reason. There is no such thing as an accident.

Hence, getting lost like this... In this place...

It means I was given a chance...

Since I can't decide using logic, I should use my emotions when it comes to this.

And I will take that risk! Why would I waste an opportunity like this for just safety precaution?

Meh, I've been living my whole in my safe zone, now that I died, why would I hold myself to embrace danger?

As for my wish, I will decide once I know what wish is safe, and best to ask once I win this game!

This game, you better let me have fun while I'm at!



Arc 1: Enchantrix Race!



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