Chapter 70: The Sacrificial Reaper



K Whatever was stupefied as the annoying man in front of her could hear her system, V! Who is he?

Looking at him from toe to head, K Whatever still has no idea how! And what was this man talking about when he mentioned Trixters?

"V, who is he?" K Whatever was asked However, not even V knows yet.

"I am quite not sure." V replied in my mind.

The young man slightly bowed and introduced himself, "My name is Garfield, your employer."

"My employer?" K. Whatever tilted her head, "There is such a thing?"

Garfield chuckled, "How about you open your status and mission first?"

K whatever knitted her eyes, ‘He even knows about it...’ Even so, she did what he said, "V, open the mission plot."

V nodded, and in K Whatever’s mind, the story plot appeared.

The Reaper's Last Mission

Long ago, reapers in this world put a balance between life and death. Bringing the souls of the living to the world of the dead. And those who had a sinful life but had a reformed soul at th
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