Chapter 10: Farjo Family




"Puwah! Please stop- I-" A man begged in front of us however he couldn't speak properly as Lyka is holding his face and kept drowning him.

Lyka is my sister, we were only months apart. And we have an older brother, Ratty, who's two years older than us.

We are the only children that survived, as of now, of Farjo Family, the great family of Fhirklin country.

To receive the surname Farjo, it's not that easy and we must earn it by ourselves and not casually given. 

We, children, must pass the test which when we were younger, was given to us. The Test of Obedience. Where we were thrown out to the forest and only do what our parents say or else we'll die.

For those kids who die, it was their fault for not being obedient. The maids and the people who took care of those children will also perish as punishment for not taking care of the child's well being.

The tower that they used will be given to another child. 

As for me, I passed that test with flying colors, of course! My parents are even proud of me for being an obedient kid.

After that, I was given new teachers. They taught me academics, all kinds of music that are available in our country, alchemy, martial arts, and weaponry. And I must ace it all! If I have a single mistake, my maid would lose a finger.

At first, three of my maids lost their fingers, and since they couldn't do work, they were sent away by my parents and I was given new maids again. Those three maids, I was fond of them, however, when I saw their fingers cut off, I felt weird. I think I was happy?

Nevertheless, I focused on studying, and eventually, I got perfect marks now and then. With my great memory, it helps me not lose my maids again. Though I still have trouble with music, I still managed to ace it.

While I was taught by those teachers, every dinner I ate with my family. There, I met my two siblings, and just like me, they passed the test and were studying in their tower.

My parents taught us we should be good and give time to know each other. And so we did. I learned that Ratty excelled in tactics, schemes, and technology. Lyka excelled in all martial arts. While I excelled in all academics, music, alchemy, and forging weapons.

Every night before we go back to each of our towers, we shared knowledge and eventually became close.

After years, Ratty waited for me and Lyka to become 17 years old before taking the surname test. Which is today.

The three of us took it and in the middle of it. Our mission is to intercept another country and kidnapped the High Priest. We must open the pandora box which needed three people's keys. And that key is their fingerprint, voice activation, and password.

The two keys are easy, however, the last one is annoying. We must know the password to make it open. However, they only know how to beg and not making a deal.

We got three High Priest from different countries, one of them gave up and gave his password but they are annoying. So we are torturing them.

"Seems drowning doesn't work, let's try getting rid of their nails," I suggested.

"Nyah! My babies are gonna be useful again!" Lyka opened up her weapon bag and took something, without saying anything, she instantly took the middle fingernail of the second High Priest we kidnapped. 

The third High Priest that we kidnapped got scared that he pissed on himself and almost fainted, however, he couldn't faint, because if he does, he'll fall to the acid floor.

The High Priest that already confessed, bailed, "I-I already told you my password, please let me go!"

Ratty gazed at him with disgust, "Why should we? That'll give us more conflict..." The High Priest became weak and trembled, seeing him like that, Ratty couldn't help teased him, "However, if all three of you confessed without the last Priest getting one of his fingernails, then we will let all of you go."

I smirked, I continued what Ratty was planning, "You have five seconds before Lyka reached the last Priest."

When Lyka heard it,  she counted on her head and made sure she gets the nails of the last Priest.

Hearing what the kidnappers said, they panicked and burst out the passwords,  including the last one whose fingers still intact.

However, the second High Priest's password was too long that five seconds wasn't enough. Lyka reached the third one and took one nail.

When the second High Priest said his password, Ratty tap it on the box and it opened. I gave the signals to Lyka.

"Well, don't blame us for having a long password~~" Lyka licked her lips before finishing her meal.

The second High Priest regretted that password but can only regret it on the side.

Lyka maniacally laughed which I only shook my head for it. While Ratty was busy with the one inside the box.

After that, we came home together and received our surnames. We are now officially a Farjo!

Then, we received other news. We have new siblings... The twin, Shakira, and Shon. They were the last batch of children and the only children who survive in all 20 children who took the test after me.  Of course, we welcome them with open arms.

Our parents were very proud of us. And then, we were given position, well, they let us choose our position in the house.

Lyka, of course, chose to be the Head Security, she said, "I don't have a brain but I have guts and muscle. I will always protect whoever becomes the Head of this house!"

Ratty chose to be an adviser, I disagreed. He was older and wiser than me, I should have that title while he should become the next Head after our parents. 

However, he shook his head and said, "Arlo, I may be witty but I don't know how to manage. You have most of the talents that we lack. I chose to be an adviser because I know this one suits me. I could also be your tactician however, being an adviser means I can be with you all the time."

Lyka put her hands up, "Me too! If I am your Head Security, I can choose to stay beside you and kill anyone on your way!" 

Ratty nodded, "And I can take care of both of you with what I can."

I frowned, "But Brother, you should still be the Head, I can also be your adviser!"

He shook his head, "No, the moment I saw you, I knew you are suited for this job. So please, do it. And also, I don't like pleasing anybody except our parents so yeah, become the Head, Arlo."

I sighed, since they are determined in their path, I too will do everything I can for them. "Alright, but if you change your mind, tell me and I'll exchange with you." He nodded.

After that, we told our parents what we want and they agreed. And that's the start of another brutal training. Because to be the Head of this family, means a heavy responsibility.

My choices can change everything, hence, I must choose wisely. After three years of training, we, three, debuted. We moved to the mansion and even our maids moved from tower to here too.

Then, we were shown to the world and I was introduced as the next Head of the Farjo family. As usual, guests wanted to know me better to have a connection with our family. But can they easily come near me? When I have the best brother and sister beside me?

After that, my siblings followed me everywhere I go. And I followed my parents and obey their orders.

As the next Head, I must clean up the inside to avoid future conflict before cleaning up outside. 

That means, we killed traitors, suspicious people, and so on. We were feared but I don't care. I am with my family.

Then, on the day my father resigned, I thought I was gonna be the next Head... It was just a simple lie to cover up... The next one...

The twins...

Lyka pointed her sword at my neck, "Sorry brother, but I am loyal to the Head."

Ratty prepared the documents and then his gaze went to me, "Do you know the reason why I don't want to be the Head?"

I frowned.

"Because it can easily change. I saw it with my eyes, every child was always replaced. I wasn't the first to survive, this happened before. It just, they all died by being backstab by their siblings. I was only five when I saw our older siblings died." 

"Then, why did you told me to become the Head?" I stared at Lyka and held the tip of her sword, "And why are you pointing the sword? I can just give my title to the twins."

"Pft," The twins chuckled, "We didn't know you'd survive! I mean, you were just the bait for the other assassins our uncle sent, however, with your smarty ass, and the help of the two, you are still alive!" Shakira said.

"And we were expecting you to die then we can debut too! Since we are still young, our parents let you alive... Until now! We are already 18, it's time to change the Head." Shon continued.

My left eyebrow went up, "Do I have to die? I mean, I can just give it to you. In the first place,  I don't really care about the title, I only thought I could protect our family. And since Ratty doesn't want it, I agreed."

Ratty and Lyka chuckled. Lyka put down her sword and laughed hard, "He's right though but I know our parents wouldn't easily change Head. I mean, when did they do that without entertainment?"

I looked up and saw the mirror above, our parents must be watching. 

"Then, how about a duel?" Ratty suggested.

"Ahm, I said I can just give the title. Why make it complicated? Seriously." However, no one listens.

"A duel it is! The one who dies loses!" Shon grabs a sword nearby and points it up.

"What? Seriously?" I can just give the damn title! What's wrong with these people?



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