Chapter 14: I Miss Her...


"Where is he going?" I've been following him for a long time but he just went out of that place and now we are inside his car. Is he going to bring my dust to his house? I hope not, it would be creepy. 

I was sitting beside him and looked at the window while he closed his eyes. What is he up to? 

Left, right, left, right, we've been circling!  Seriously, where are we going?! Though this isn't far from the mansion, and the more we go we are getting nearer! 

Suddenly, the car stopped. 

The man went out with my dust and I followed him. We stopped in front of the clock store... That belongs to the family I'm serving.

Clock? I wouldn't be shocked if it was a cafe, does he need a new clock? Right after that intense moment of me, dying?

He went inside and so did I. 

What am I doing? Why am following this guy? To be exac

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