Chapter 71: You Can Be Whoever You Want To Be



K Whatever was warned by Garfield when they climbed at the wall, as he pointed at the small but sharp rock under them, “Oh, watch your step~”

“Leaving in the cemetery with an angry but fluffy evil spirit is one thing, now I’m climbing to get inside the school? Seriously, are Hanabi and you fugitive?” K Whatever evaded the rock and copied Garfield followed him to the other side of the wall. Garfield didn’t say anything but just through his ears with a sweetest and brightest smile he could give for her. He supported her. 

“Hiyap~” K Whatever jumped down. As she looked up, she saw a huge school building and they are at the back of it. “Then, don’t tell me you and Hanabi go to this school?”

Garfield grinned to himself, “Yes! We are high school students!”


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