Chapter 72: Oh, A Dish. Lucky!



K Whatever was forced to the ground by a whip created from Garfield's scythe pen that was wrapped around her arms. “Oof!”

Landed violently, K Whatever clenched her teeth, and used all the might in her body to escape the situation, grabbing her child- sized scissors scythe that was close by.

Garfield saw that she was struggling when he looked into her eyes and was going to draw her away from the scissors scythe that she unintentionally tossed down as a result of the force they used to battle.

However, K Whatever used her feet to get it before he could take her away, and the scissors scythe flew into her line of sight! She took it and used it to sever Garfield's whip.

Garfield's whip disappeared when K Whatever cut it, forcing him to draw three blades in midair.

K Whatever didn't wait for a response from

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