Chapter 73: You Were Expelled



After K Whatever left the principal’s bathroom, without caring for the meeting that was happening in the principal’s office, she dashed to the principal’s head! Cutting the latter's neck with the kiddie-sized cartoon character scissors scythe! "Oh, a dish. Lucky!"

It took a second before most of the faculty members started screaming! "Aahhh!"


K Whatever bolted when they yelled, "What the hell are you all doing?" She covered her ears from the noise and said, "Geez, not even a 'you’re welcome’ ?"

From the principal’s body, a black mist came out, and K Whatever instantly used her kiddie sized scissors as if cutting the air to suction the mists inside her scythe.

"A murder! There’s a murder! " A woman screams, and all the passerby in the hallway dashed to open the door and try to help, which turned into a commotion.

K Whatever rolled her eyes, " Talk about exaggeration."

The faculty members glared at her and screamed at her, "You disgraceful ch
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