Chapter 74: Then Why Are You All Still Here?



In the depth of the night, two reapers appeared on the quiet street where no one dared stroll by.

They walk in the dark with only their flashlights and the unique scythes they carry with serious expressions on their faces.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Garfield asked, worriedly looking at her as they were walking. "How about we come back here later?"

K whatever shook her head and disagreed, "No. I’m too lazy to go back. We ‘re already here anyway. "

"But----" Garfield bit his lip, holding himself. "I think we should go back.... It’s for the best…. "

K Whatever was stubborn, "I’m too lazy to walk again! Let’s just finish this faster! "

Garfield covers his face and deeply sighs, "I don’t think I can handle this!"

"Come on! It will not take long! Going back and forth takes time! " K Whatever pouted, "I mean, you handled a lot of souls—why are you being a scaredy cat now?"

"And I’ve smelled rotten spirits before, but not your freaking fart!" Garfield
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