Chapter 5

  I fling open the door right as the person on the other side is about to pound on it again and they end up punching me in the nose.

  “What the actual fuck Luke, seriously! What is your problem!” I start rubbing my nose aggressively and his eyes go wide.

  “OMG Ellie I am SO sorry!” He says as he starts busting out laughing, realizing what just happened. Luke pulls me into his muscular arms and shushes me. He knows I can’t stay mad at him while he’s hugging me.

  “Ok, let go of me, you big goof,” I try to claw my way out of his arms until he finally lets me go. When I am finally on my two feet, I stomp my foot and cross my arms like a toddler.

  “What happened to you last night? I scored a touchdown right before halftime. I wanted to talk to you after my parents walked me across the field, but you were nowhere to be found. After the game I would have called you but my dad took away my phone yesterday morning for texting you

during the meetings.” He's seems worried, but also upset with me. 

  I uncross my arms and walk towards my bed, sitting on the edge.

  “I know. I am so sorry Luke! Leia was really wanting me to shift so she can finally run and it sounded too good to pass up!” I am really hoping that my half-truth will just be accepted.

  “Ok, I believe you, but I don’t think you’re telling me everything,"  He looks at me like he's trying to see inside my head. "Wait, you shifted? How did it go? You didn’t do it alone, did you? What does she look like?” His smile grows and I am happy that he is as excited about it as I am.

  “Luke, she is amazing, and so beautiful, I can’t wait for you to see her!” I almost jump off my bed remembering our run and her reflection in the water.

  “I can’t wait either, I’m sure her and Jack will get along as well as we do!” He looks at me like he is sad we aren’t mates.

His gaze shifts and then he quickly walks over to where my dress is hanging on my closet door, changing the subject.

  “Wow Ellie, is this your dress?! We are going to turn some heads tonight huh! His eyebrows start dancing at me and I laugh at him.

Of course, I’m going to the dance with Luke. We have gone to every dance together since the eighth grade. Tonight, we will be riding in a limo along with Colin and Victoria and a few of the other football players and their cheerleader girlfriends and mates.

  I am dreading the drive to the dance. I can’t be that close to Colin and I definitely can’t watch them all over each other all night. He will for sure know we are mates the second I come close to him, if he doesn't know already. This will be a night for the books.


  My mom helps me get ready, because she begged me to let her. She does my hair in loose curls, and I tuck the left side of my hair back so that my tattoo can be easily seen. It is of a Lily and covers my entire shoulder. She does a really pretty burgundy smokey eye, that really makes my green eyes pop. Then she finishes off my makeup with a matte nude lipstick, a little peach blush and highlight.

  I put my dress on, which is a spaghetti strap A-line in a deep burgundy shade. I love this color because it makes my eyes and tanned skin look phenomenal. The dress has a slit all the way up to my thigh. It hugs my waist and shows off all the right muscles on my body from all of my training.

  The bust has a deep v plunge in the front that shows just enough cleavage without being too slutty. The shoes are nude strappy heels that are perfect for enhancing my long legs. Maybe I should start putting more effort into how I look. I have so much confidence for the first time in my life.

  Mom just stands there in awe and I swear a tear just left her eye. She takes a deep breath and ushers me out my old bedroom door at their house and down the stairs.

  Walking down the first few stairs, I see Luke talking to my dad. My dad of course looks up and gives me his proudest smile.

  "You look beautiful dear." He winks at me and I just smile back

Luke whips his head around, and his jaw just about hits the ground.

“I curse the Moon Goddess for not giving you to me as my mate Ellie Miner!” I can tell he is being completely serious, and his mouth snaps shut.

  We both stand there in shock at his sudden outburst. I raise a brow at him and then we both just laugh. We both know that we would not last a day as mates. I like us as friends and I just hope that he can be satisfied with it as well.

  “I love you too Luke, thank you.” I make my way down the stairs to him. When I reach the bottom, he walks over to me and reaches his hand out. I place mine in his and he pulls me close before leaning into my ear to whisper.

  “Seriously though Ellie, you look stunning. I am so lucky to have you as my best friend and my date tonight.” He pulls back and brings my hand up to his lips, kissing it ever so softly. Honestly, if he had been my mate, I wouldn’t have minded it.

  My mom makes us go outside where Luke's mom is and they take way too many pictures of us. We say our goodbyes when the limo arrives and get in. We are the first to get picked up since my parents' house is so close to the border. It's the farthest away, so it just makes sense.

  We drive around for a while picking up other couples from their parent's houses. Last stop is of course the Alpha and Luna’s house. We have to pick Colin and Victoria up from there, I could gag at the thought.

  Luke can tell I am growing more anxious, but he probably thinks it's because I am not used to dressing up. Or that I feel uncomfortable with all the looks and whispers I am currently getting from the others in the limo. They have never seen me like this before, so it's odd. Luke puts his hand on my bouncing knee and kisses my temple, which instantly calms me.

  “They are whispering because they are jealous, Ellie. You are the prettiest girl in this limo tonight. They know their boyfriend’s and mates are staring at you, instead of them.” His hot breath raises goosebumps as he quietly speaks into my bare neck.

suck in a deep breath and he kisses my neck before grabbing another shot.

  Yes, that is bothering me, I am not going to lie. I don’t like the attention, or do I? However, what no one realizes, is that Colin is my mate and he doesn’t even know it yet. To lighten the mood one of the girls plugs in her phone and starts playing music while her boyfriend starts pouring shots for everyone.

  After the first round goes down, my nerves begin to settle and I'm able to enjoy myself. I sing along with everyone else and for a moment, all of my worries are taken away.

  Next thing I know, we are pulling up. We all have to get out to take pictures at the Alpha and Luna’s house before heading to the dance. It is tradition for our pack. I’d rather stay in here though, and take more shots.

  We all pile out of the limo and stand on the front lawn waiting for the future Alpha and his date to come out and walk down the steps. Luke squeezes my hand when he feels it start to shake. Let's get this over with.

  Luna Amara turns around to face Luke and I, smiling and bringing her hands up to her mouth.

Her heels clack on the stone pathway as she makes her way over to where we are standing.

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