Chapter 9

I try opening my eyes but the instant throbbing tells me that not only did I drink too much moonshine last night, but today is going to be rough. I make my way slowly to the window and close the curtains. I zombie my way back to the bed and fall face first onto the mattress groaning into my pillow.

The memories of last night start flooding back and I hear Leia whimper in my head again while I just want to cry. This time her whimpers hurt my head. Why did I drink so much? Ugh.

Wait! How did I get home?! I jolt out of my bed and grab my phone. I have a bunch of missed calls and texts from Luke, Amber, Heather and my mom. Shit, how did I get home. I try to reach out to Leia, but she doesn’t answer. I think she is still so hurt by what Colin did.

I am too, but I think he took me home. I am almost positive he did, but he’s not in my room so maybe he didn’t. Or maybe he did but just dropped me at my room and went to his on the other side of the pack house. I decide to go through my
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Linda G
I have to appreciate that Colin somewhat manned up and apologized for treating her poorly and hoping she doesn't give up on him but it shouldn't be this hard for him to make a decision
goodnovel comment avatar
Richelle Hoover
goddess I wished they had gone all the way, I love luke he'd the best just hate what happens in the end of 2nd book tear jerker😭
goodnovel comment avatar
Alexa Brooke
Is this on any other book apps? I can’t afford to pay for the book but I love it.

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