Chapter 10 - The first kiss

"Rhiannon, you are so lucky to marry me," the count said in a slurred voice."

Perhaps, you should slow down sir," Rhiannon said putting the glass away.

"Let's dance," the count stood up pulling Rhiannon along with him. Startled, Rhiannon whimpered, but his clasp was so rigid. She could not resist.

Vasilios gripped his goblet in anger. It put a slight dent in the golden cup. He could have easily crushed the ware like wax but it would have resulted in questions. He was here to get the tribute.

But the moment he entered the Castle he could smell her. Her scent was everywhere, this was her home. He knew it right away. His keen senses soon picked up the details about her. She was the bastard daughter of the duke.

Not that it mattered to him. His wolf didn't care about societal reputations but his mother wou

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