Chapter 14 - Enemy and the Saviour

Vasilios was restless, it was nothing unusual. He has been in this state for quite some time, he recalled the conversation with the king sometime back. 

"Well, your grace we have arranged for your tribute."

Vasilios raised his eyebrows," excellent! I hope she fulfils all the requirements, your majesty."

He sensed the king bristle.

"Well yes, almost, you see the Duke of Allendale has another daughter from a mistress, she is a maiden, with a Nobel blood. I was hoping if you would accept her as your tribute."

Vasilios narrows his eyes at the king," isn't she the one who is accused of murder?"

"Well yes," the king looked uncomfortable, "if you have a problem with that, perhaps, I can suggest someone's else...." 

Vasilios raised his hand," she will do perfectly fine. I accept her a tribute."

The King sighed with

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