Chapter 15 - Wolf friend

Vasilios stepped over the dead body of her possible tormentor who was now a dead man.

His bloody hand reached out to stroke her brow.

"Are you hurt in any way?" His voice was hoarse and his breathing ragged. She saw the concern in his eyes.

The shock of seeing him as her rescuer had subsided, it was now replaced by wonder, how did he know she had escaped? Why did he rescue her? To take her back? To keep her his slaver forever?

She quickly stepped back and clutched at her cloak, her knuckles turned white. She had her freedom; she now understood she would have to resist to keep it. He might catch her eventually.

Still, she would rather die than go back.

Before he inferred her intent, she turned and ran away. He stared at her sprinting figure disappearing into the woods. He sighed, then sprung after her like a wolf chasing his prey.

As she s

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She handled that very well.

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