Chapter 18 - Being territorial

Finally, back in her tiny chamber, Rhiannon looked around at its pale walls and old furniture. Her room was nothing to boast about. It was dark, cold with barely any furniture.

Her merge belongings were packed in a box. Yet, she was trying to imprint everything in her memory, even though she hated the place, she would not be seeing it again. And that filled her with a sense of emptiness.

"A priestess," she whispered

She wasnt particularly religious, though she did visit the temple of Artemis, Venus, and others occasionally, with nan or during the annual harvest. She never felt that sense of devotion to dedicate herself to Gods. One of her uncles, duke's brother, was a monk, in some monastery.

That happened long ago. Before she was even born. But she had heard of it. When she escaped, she was planning to hide behind the security of a monastery. Perhaps, she was fated to live a life of loneliness without ever knowing

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