Part, One Hundred Ninety Eight - Second Child

Luis immediately ran to hug his wife, they would have another child. He was looking forward to all of that. Especially after Troye is growing up, they want to give Troye a sister so that his first child is not lonely and has a friend. Even before they decided to get married, they had planned to have 3 or 4 children to make the house crowded.

Luis stared at his wife's face still couldn't believe the reality now. "Am I dreaming?" he asked widening his eyes to be sure.

Reya shook her head slowly, wiping the tears that had started to roll down her husband's face. "I'm not dreaming, right?" the man repeated his question.

Reya chuckled softly while hugging her husband back. "No, Luis! Everything wasn't a dream," she said to the man in front of her, making Luis cry even more.

"Thanks for everything, Lisya!" Luis stared at his wife's face with a sincere smile, the only simple words he could say for n

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