Chapter six

Snow clutched onto Derrie's hand as he held her in his arms and walked over to Alvin. She opened her eyelid one last time before fainting in his hand.

"Are you okay, kid?" Alvin asked when he saw how bloody Snow seemed.

He looked at Snow's face and had a bad feeling that something was not right with her.

"Why isn't she replying?" He asked his partner after waiting for a while but got no response from Snow.

"I don't know. I mean, she was talking just now. Kid?" Derrie shouted but got no reply from Snow.

"Damn it!" He called out, then began to walk at a fast pace when he realized that Snow was running a fever.

"What?" Kelvin shouted as he chased after his friend.

“Help! She fainted in my arms, and her temperature is increasing.” Derrie screamed as he approached his teammates.

“Get her into the ambulance now!” the EMT lady told Derrie.

"What's going on?" Joe asked when he saw the fear in his subordinate's eyes.

However, Derrie did not stop to explain. He rushed inside the vehicle and laid Snow down on her back onto the stretcher.

The EMT lady and the others were right behind Derrie. He gave way to the EMT lady so she could check on Snow.

“Her breathing feels weak, and she got some serious injuries.” The EMT lady said after placing her hand gently to Snow’s nose.

"Where did you find her?" Joe asked Alvin.

"Derrie was the one who found her not far from where you guys were. She came out of nowhere and pleaded for his help." Alvin replied.

"Is that a claw mark on her hand?" Alvin asked while surveying Snow's wound.

"Yeah, it seems like it. What kind of animal could cause this much damage to one's skin?" Derrie responded.

"Melvin, can you tell what creature did this by looking at the claw marks?" Joe asked.

"Well, judging from the detail of the cuts, I will assume that a gigantic wolf did this. But I can't be sure about this information until I run some tests in the lab." Melvin explained.

"Do you think she can be connected to the two corpses that we found?" Alvin asked his colleagues when the thought crossed his mind.

"It could be, or it could be not. We will not know the truth until she wakes up and tells us what happened in that wood tonight. For now, let's just pray that she lives." Joe replied.

“No!” Snow cried out loud.

“Whatever she is remembering or dreaming about can not be pleasant!” Alvin said to his friend.

He then held onto Snow's hand as he gazed at the scared expression on her face.

A few minutes later, the ambulance driver drove the vehicle out of the woods with Melvin, Alvin, Derrie, the EMT lady, and Joe seated in the back. 

For a while, Snow stopped speaking, and her body movement ceased, so the EMT lady decided to check her and find out what was wrong.

“Oh, my God! She is not breathing, nor is she moving.” The lady screamed.

Everyone in the ambulance was in a panic as they tried to offer their assistance as the EMT lady struggled to get Snow breathing.

After ten minutes of attending to Snow, the EMT lady got Snow's heartbeat and breath stable.

“Thank you, Linda. You are a lifesaver.” Alvin told the EMT lady with a smile. 

Linda reluctantly relaxed in her seat and wiped the sweat off her face. 

“I do not know if she is out of the danger zone yet. There is a possibility that she could have another heart attack. We need to get her to the hospital fast.” She explains to them.

“We will allow nothing and no one to harm her life. She may be the only one that can tell us what happened tonight in these woods.” Joe said to his colleagues.

 “She seems harmless and peaceful. I wonder what this child is dreaming about?” Alvin said out loud as he stared at Snow's well-disposed face.

“Linda, she is going through another seizure,” Alvin said after ten minutes had passed as he watched Snow struggling on the stretcher.

“Derrie! Put an oxygen mask around her nose. Alvin, hold her down, I will sedate her. It is our best chance of keeping her alive.” Linda shouted and gave out instructions.

“How long is it going to take before reaching the hospital?” Joe barked at the driver.

“I am doing my best, sir.” The driver replied, then stepped on the accelerator.

“I have injected her. It won't be long before she falls to sleep.” Linda said before removing Snow’s hair away from her face.

“This kid must have gone through so much for her to have this kind of psychological breakdown. But I admired her fighting spirit. She is a true survivor.” Alvin said with a sad smile on his face.

In the middle of the woods, a wounded creature resided not far from where  Derrie and Alvin once stood.

“Ouch... I can not believe that a dumb police officer shot me. I need to get this bullet out of my arms.” He said while inserting his claws into his wound, he then extracted the bullet out of his skin.

Finally, the bullet is out. Now all that was left to do was for him to wait for the injury to heal naturally. Within a bit of a second, the wounded skin started stitching together. 

"My injuries have healed, and I can proceed to the hospital now. But these human legs are too slow. I will need to mutate into my original form." He mumbled.

He screamed in pain as his bones dislocated themselves, and the transformation began. 

White razor-sharp teeth came out of his gums, and black fur appeared on his body. In the darkness, his human shadow upon the ground faded until it disappeared, and the transformation was complete. 

Under the bright moonlight stood a wolf glowing in the woods, and its distinctive yellow eyes could not be hidden in the dark as it raced towards the direction of the hospital.

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