Chapter Fifteen

Snow left her window open that night with the hope that Angel will take the hint and visit her room.

She fell asleep while awaiting him. However, a while later, Snow sensed a presence in the room. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the clock on her bed stand.

'Ten o'clock.' She thought before turning around to see who had entered her room.

"Angel?" Snow asked when she noticed a pair of yellow eyes.

"Snow." Angel mumbled as his pure yellow eyes rested on hers.

Snow was in shock since this was the first time she had heard Angel speak.

"You are not mute?" Snow asked.

"Yes," Angel said.

He took a step closer to Snow, but she drew back as she gazed at him with hurt in her eyes.

"When?" Snow harshly asked.

"Snow," Angel mumbled.

He knew that she would not

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