Chapter 5


 "please at least be with her during her heat; she is a human; she can't handle the heat. Usually, the human doesn't have heat, but she is an Alpha's mate, and an Alpha's mate has to go through very worse heat than an omega." Astrid begged, but I didn't answer.

 "look, Vance", I cut her off.." no, you look here, Astrid. I don't fucking care if she lives or dies. I want us to be together."

 "How can you be this selfish?" she asked, and that made me go out of my mind.

 "shut the fuck up, Astrid," I shouted, and she flinched but didn't utter a word.

 "Found your mate?" the same question. Daxon asked me that same fucking question when we entered the pack.

 "yes, found her, and you know what? She is going to die after some time," I shouted and left the room and went upstairs.

 Astrid POV

 "Astrid, he found his mate?" Daxon asked me in a stern voice.

 "Yeah, yes, he found her." I shuttered, and he nodded, understanding.

 "So, who is she? I mean, do you know her? "

 "I don't know her name. She is a human girl who entered pack territory." I said all I knew, and he nodded, but a moment after, his eyes widened in horror maybe.

 "oh my God, she is a human, and she is an Alpha mate, now she will be in her heat soon," he said and started to worry. I felt a little bit jealous that no one from Vance's family cared about me in the one year of the relationship, and now they care about a girl they didn't even see.

 "yeah, I tried to tell Vance that he should go there." I tried to reason, "look, Astrid, I don't have any problem with you. I want both of your happiness. Moreover, both of you know that the bond you guys are trying to create is by force, and no relation till now has a good history ."

 "but if you try to make Vance and his mate together against Vance's wish, then it is also by force," I said as a matter of fact.

 He chuckled and asked me the question, which gives me chills, "what will happen when you meet your mate?"

 "I will fight that if Vance is by my side," I said to him; he chuckled and looked into my eyes.

"as if you can", It felt like he mocked me.

It wasn't like Daxon Vance's older brother, and his family were against me, but they never supported our relationship; they always told Vance and me that we would be guilty when we find our mate we were doing.

It sometimes scares me that what if it will be true, what will happen then. I don't want to lose Vance, my love.


Purple POV

I was locked in this Prison, like a criminal. It was dark; I couldn't see anything here. I was also afraid of moving anywhere. I sat in the same position I was when he throws me. The pain was too much that I think the wound of my stomach has opened. I can feel the blood flowing out of my body, wetting the Vance shirt which I was wearing.  

 If I do not get out of prison, I will die from bleeding. But what can I do? I can't even escape; they will tear me apart like a beast they are?  

An unlocking sound made me come back from my thought. The prison door opened as the light of the strong sun pass through it, making my surrounding bright. I saw a man with blond hair tall with broad shoulders walked Infront of my cell. I was terrified of what he will be, so I backed away when he entered the cell.

I was trembling with fear. My hands were shaking," p-pleased-don't hurt me", I pleaded.

His eyebrow frowns as he looked at me with concerned eyes; he looked at me up and down, making me uncomfortable. But he looked at the place where I got the bullet, and his eye widen.  

"oh my god, you are bleeding, "he said in a raised voice. He came closer to me, which made me flinch.

"Hey, calm down; I won't do anything; you have to be treated before you bled out and die. "he said.

His voice was full of concern which made my guard down a little. "Can you walk?" he asked me in a very soft voice.

I shook my head; the pain was too much; my lower body was numb. I can't even move properly.

"All right, I will carry you to the healer, ok, "he said, coming closer to me, and then he immediately picks me up, making me flinch a little.

"calm down, little one; you will be ok soon, "he said and walked out. Its was so bright outside; I have to open and close my eye to adjust accordingly.  

He brought me to a white room that smells like sanitisers, it's undoubtedly a hospital. He put me softly on the soft hospital bed.

"I mind link Ione she will be coming soon to check you up, "he said, and I nodded my head.

It was awkward. He was staring at me, making me uncomfortable; I avoided him and looked everywhere in the room.

"Stop staring at her, you idiot, let the girl breath" a loud voice of a female snatch my attention; as the room door open a beautiful brown haired girl with silver eyes colour entered; she looked beautiful. She smiled at me.

"Hello, I am Ione this idiots mate and your doctor," she said.

"I am sorry for making you uncomfortable I did not notice I was staring, it's the first time I am seeing a human this close, so . "he said and smiled awkwardly. His smile causes a deep dimple to form on his cheek, making him cute; I smiled at him a little. "it's ok," I said

He stared at me with comprehensive eye's "did you see that she talked to me "he said, making Ione rolled her eyes.

"I am sorry for him; he is just a child's sometimes." She glared at him, who just walked out of the room.

"ok, let's start the check-up, but first, let me treat the wounds, "she said and brought the first aid kit. She cleans the wound, making me whines as the alcohol touch my injury, which stings terribly. "it will be over soon. "she said.

"So, what's your name?" she asked me while treating my wounds. "Purple", I whisper. She stopped treating me and looked at me smiling, "such a beautiful name you have, your name did justice to your looks," she said, making me blush a little.

Ok, we are done with your wounds now; remove your clothes. Let's see if you have any other injuries. She said, making me uncomfortable and scared a little. "N-no, it's ok. I am fine," I told her. She shook her head, "I can tell you are lying, baby, don't worry, I will not say anything to anyone. Just let me treat you ", she said with a caring look reminding me of my mom. With the tear-filled eye, I removed my shirt, and she gasped. I was looking at my body.

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