Chapter 10

" But you don't act like one," Purple said that made Vance just to shut up.

Vance just continued walking, and Purple trailing behind him. Soon they arrived at the main hall room of the packhouse. It was an enormous room and all the pack members; pups get together in this room every day. The wolves are very close to each other; they can sense each other and know when they are sad or happy. I mean, they can understand the feelings of others.

Astrid, who was with a pup playing, sensed Vance and looked at the door where the two males were standing; how much Astrid's heart softened, but she felt jealous of her mate standing next to someone else though he was Vance's real mate. Astrid carefully put down the pup with which she played and stood up for approaching the not so intimated couple.

Vance saw Astrid coming, and he walked ahead only to hug her, and he also gave Astrid a peck on the lips. Astrid smiled, and Vance smiled too.

On the other hand, Purple was j

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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
How does Daxon leave two annoyed males? Isn't Astrid a female? I think Astrid is going to leave Vance high and dry.
goodnovel comment avatar
Jazsime Angeles
I don't think he realised just how pissed she is at him. I hope Astrid mate appears soon and Purple can be friends with him.

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