Chapter 12

Sexual tension

" Ione, please tell me more about the omega charm. Please, Ione." Purple literally begged Ione to tell her about the omega charm topic which she has read in a book . It was a fascinating topic to her as Ione was an omega she must know.

" Why are you asking?you can't do that ,you are human?" Ione asked, and Purple pout.

" Please tell me. I read it in one of our research books, tells me already," Purple said, avoiding Ione's questions.

" First, tell me your reasons," Purple pouted looking at Ione.

" you don't want to tell me, ok then I have G****e," Purple said sassily and took her phone out of her pocket and tried searching for the information. Still, before G****e could show any results, Ione took the phone out of Purple's hand and pressed the home button as there may not be the answers for the topic that Purple was searching for.

" it's a special ability of the omegas to make anyone drool over them with their amazin

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Debbie Kershaw
I really wanna read more of this but I can’t understand half of it. It’s doing my head in
goodnovel comment avatar
Kylie Robinson
I just read an entire page of gibberish! Please for the LOVE of the writing gods Proof read before submitting!
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
I’m really trying very hard to continue reading this book but the poor grammar and lack of proofreading in wearing in my nerves.

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