Chapter 20

Purple laid on her bed, sleeping soundly. Her wounds were now clean and patched up. Most of his injuries were superficial scratches here and there, which will not take much time to heal, but the most painful and deep wounds she had was on the side of her lower torso. It was the very place where Rean had set his fangs; even though her lower torso was padded with a two-layer of bandages and some medicinal herbs which will help the wound heal faster, blood still oozed out of it was staining the applications, which already had been changed three times.

Vance sat beside the Girl on his bed, caressing Purple's hands in his. Silent tears rolled down the Alpha's closed eyes. Vance kept on repeating the previous incidents in his mind. His wolf was restless. 'What if he was late?' 'What if Rean would have done something to the girl?' 'How dare he even touch her?' 'What if he had lost Purple?' All these thoughts kept running across Vance's mind as he let out a shaky breath. Warm tears dropped on
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