chapter 66

It was the first night since Vance and Purple announced their marriage. Once again, Vance treated the night like their wedding night.

Not only did he light their home with incense and candles, but he also surrounded Purple with a sea of white flowers...

"If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up," Purple sat inside Vance's embrace as he wrapped her with his powerful arms.

"Come have a look at this," Vance showed some comments shown at the end of there articles  to Purple.

"Are little Miss Purple and little Mr Vance currently enjoying an intimate wedding night?"

"Purple...when will the mini purple or Mini Vance arrive to entertain us?"

"Can I ask a personal question: How is President in bed?"

Seeing this particular comment, Purple's cheeks burned red as she buried her head into Vance's white shirt, "Don't these kids go to school?"

"They asked you how I'm like in bed," Vance chucked in Purple's ear.

"How do you expect me to answ
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thank you
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Caroline olliver
Oh no what is it ? that’s so mean now we have to wait for the next update ooh I can’t wait love this book ❤️👍

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