Day 6

I wake up, squinting my eyes. There's just too much sunlight in my room and my eyes can't take it.

I glance at the clock.

It's 9:30 am.

Too early for a person not going to work.

Wait, why didn't my mom come to wake me up or draw the curtains? Honestly, that's strange. Very very strange. Or did she finally choose to listen to me? No... My mom would never listen to me. 

I crawl from the bed, leaving it messed up and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I brush my teeth, I hear voices from the living room. It's a man's voice. Maybe it's Andrew. No, it couldn't be. He leaves at 7:30 sharp for work, my mom told me that. 

We have a visitor? 

I sure as hell hope it is my uncle. We have a lot to talk about businesswise. Especially about the company and about my inheritance. Now that I'm almost reaching twenty one, I'm eligible to my dad's inheritance. Not that I'm happy getting all the property. I'm just happy I'll fulfill my dad's wishes. To run his company. That was always his dream. 

No, it's not my uncle. My mom wouldn't be laughing so hard. I am sure by now you know how much she hates him. 

I quickly finish brushing my teeth and leave the bed unmade. My mom will nag about it but to hell with that. I am feeling hungry ; I am craving for breakfast. And I want to know who this visitor is. And I don't care about no unspread bed. There's better things to care about. 

I leave in my pajamas and head to the small neat dining room, right next to the massive kitchen. 

My muscles instantly become rigid at the sight of him, and my whole body is suddenly stiff. 

What the actual fuck!!!! 


Fury roars through my mind and i am inwardly seething at his audacity. He has the nerve to sit there, smiling at me, as if nothing happened. As if I didn't see him yesterday, shopping alongside Hannah. I remember coming back home yesterday after that incident, locking myself up in my room and crying myself to sleep. Mom kept asking if I am okay and I just shrugged, saying I just needed some sleep. After mom left with Andrew for their date night, I watched this sad romantic movie, Scarred, that triggered a myriad of emotions and I found myself crying and laughing and cursing. Honestly, heartbreak sucks like a bitch. You have to go through the sad phase by yourself and nothing or no one can help. But regardless, you have to move on. So what the hell is he doing here when I am trying to move on? 

Wait, how did he know my mom's place?

Has he been stalking me or something? 

"Baby? Manners! Are you just going to stand there like a statue instead of hugging your boyfriend?" 

The sound of my mom's voice helps me keep my anger in check, instead of erupting. I clear my throat and push my anger aside. 

I grit my teeth and force a smile. "Hey Jace." 

He seems a bit nervous as I move closer to the table and pull the chair, opposite him. 

"Hey Camilla." 

My mom's eyes are on us, playing ping pong, and I am sure she has noted that something is off between us. I mean, who wouldn't? We are not looking at each other. There's a lot of tension between us and most of all, no one is making an attempt to talk to the other. He seems like he really wants to say something to me but he doesn't know how to. 


He should be ashamed of himself. 

I pour myself some coffee from the kettle to a white mug, all this time my eyes fixed on him. 

"You didn't tell me you were coming..." I say in a bored voice, breaking the silence finally. 

He looks like he will pee on himself and I am tempted for a second to pour this hot coffee all around his ugly face. Then sit back and watch his skin turn red. Nothing would make me happier now... 

" Your mom invited me for breakfast," he says in a low voice. 


I turn to glare at her. 

"What? I just called him. I know you miss him and he misses you too... I have seen how you've been acting lately. That's a woman who misses her man. " 

I have had enough of my mom.

Enough is enough! 

"No! That's a woman who was cheated on by a man she loved with her best friend!" 

"What!" mom gasps. 

Silence permeates the room for a moment, my mom trying to digest what I just said. 

My mom flips suddenly, grabbing the cup of coffee from Jace and splashes all of it's contents on his face. I swear I have wanted to do that since the moment I saw him. Look at my dreams and wishes coming true in front of my very eyes. Whoever said that wishes were horses, they forgot to say I'm the social. 

I grin broadly. 

"Thanks mom." 

"No! He deserves acid! I should buy acid and pour it allover his face!" my mom exclaims dramatically. 

I told you she would do something crazy. This is the reason I didn't want her to find out. I knew she would blow things out of proportion. She would do anything to protect and defend me. 

Jace rubs the coffee off his damp face, which is now pale and all red. His skin looks like a raw sausage. 

" I should leave, "he mutters, getting up. 

" No! No! No! Not after hurting my daughter and having the audacity to come in my home like nothing happened! "she's nagging him continuously. " Who is the dumb bitch? Karla? I swear I am going to kill her! That's why you were mad at Karla the other day, right? "

I shake my head." No. It's Hannah? "

" What! Hannah? I never liked her from the start. She always looked like a slut with her pink tiny skirts and pink tiny crop tops. I always knew she's trouble and not good for you! I always told you... "

She never once told me no such thing... But, okay. 

My mom glares at me. "When did all this happen? When did you catch the moron cheating on you? Why didn't you tell me? You should have told me! I should have taught him a lesson right that very moment!" 

Jace is quiet, embarrassed and looks humiliated. I wonder why he's still seated there, taking in all my mom's insults. If i were him, I would be on my feet running for my life. 

"Mom, just let it go. Jace, leave!" 

"Just like that? This man deserves to be punished Mila! He deserves to be killed and his flesh thrown to dogs. I didn't raise you to be this weak!" she snaps. 

"You didn't raise me to act stupid too! Wasting my energy on this man would be acting stupid. That would be so low of me and I don't think I would ever be able to forgive myself." 

Mom stares at me for a moment in awe and turns to scowl at Jace. "You're lucky my baby is a smart bitch! Not as crazy and as stupid as her mom!" 

Jace just stares at me in remorse. No flicker of anger after what my mom just did. I am not surprised though. Jace has always been a cool, calm and collected guy, who is slow to anger. One of the few reasons I fell for him... 

" Silly boy get out of my house!" mom barks.

I find her calling him a silly boy so funny, so I chuckle as Jace gets chased out. 

I take a sip of coffee as we watch him leave but he stands at the door and turns around to look at me. There's a look of remorse and guilt masking his face and I feel a tinge of sympathy for him. 

"Mila, can we please meet tomorrow?"

"No!" mom snaps.

"Mila? Please..." he begs.

"You heard my mom."

Jace bites his lip and sadly says, "It's about Hannah." 

That catches me off guard. What about Hannah? 

No! To hell with that. I don't want to hear anything concerning these two. They can go to hell for all I care. 


Jace shrugs and shuts the door. My mom immediately draws closer to me and gives me a warm embrace. 

"You should have told me." 

I withdraw from her hug. "How could I when all you kept doing is shower him with praises?" 

Mom huffs. "I am sorry about that, sweetie," she pauses. "He's an asshole. He doesn't deserve you..."

My mom keeps blabbering about how stupid Jace is and how I deserve someone better who is faithful and does not cheat. 

But all this time I am wondering, what did Jace want to tell me about Hannah? 

Should I meet up with him? 


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