At school

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A lady entered the classroom. All the students stood up and greeted her. She also greeted them back.

Then she asked the students, "So, do you know what is today??

All the students nodded their head in negative.

But, one student raised her hand. The teacher noticed her and said," yes Nuha, do you know what is today??"

Nuha replied, "Today is father's day, miss"

The teacher smiled at her and said," yes" today is father's day."

The teacher said Nuha to sit down. Then she said," as today is Father's day, so you all have to write 5 sentences about your father. Let's see who finishes fast".

All the students nodded their head and started writing.

Avni and Ishaan are just sitting with open paper. What can they write!. They don't know anything about their father! They don't even know his name!

The teacher noticed Avni and Ishaan. She realised that the

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Is raghaban really guilty for his sins??.........

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