Aradhiya's p.o.v

I slapped Ishaan on his right cheek making it red. He became startled and before he could cry loudly I asked him jerking off his shoulder vigorously," Why did you beat your classmate? Is this manner I have taught you! Why did you do that?"

" He was showing me his toys which were bought by his papa. He was saying my papa bought papa bought that......He was irritating me taking his papa's name. He was telling me about his papa. I felt bad that my papa doesn't love me anymore. I became irritated and beat him," Ishaan said all this in one go making me speechless.

Saying all this he started crying badly and I am not understanding what I should do. I felt guilty thinking that I have made my children stay away from their father.

Ishaan said hiccuping," Ma.....tell want.... my previous.....papa."

I pulled him into my embrace and started consoling him. What I have done to my children

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Wow Wow Wow I got emotional reading this chap Truly saying i needed this chapter as their end
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Thank you.
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Mummy's baby.loves writing
love it keep it up

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