4. Wet Dream.

"Why would a handsome guy like him be so rude to you?" Rosina narrowed her eyebrows.

"I don't know and I don't care...he wasn't my type anyway," Pidge flipped her hair back.

"The first principle to make a guy flatter on you...make an impression."

"Guys like women who are independent and intelligent."

In this way, Lia's lecture began.

The girls were having dinner in a restaurant next to the club they went to.

Saturday night is said to be extraordinary...after a working week people gets together with their friends or have dinner with their families...everyone comes out for fun.

Alaska is one of the northern areas in the US and the place they live in is known as Anchorage, Alaska.

Even with such coldness, the people of Alaska love to enjoy the nights out.

"Who is your type then, Pidge?" Lia asked wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"Someone who can dominate me..." she murmured but it was loud enough for the girls to hear.

Pidge was quite drunk, after having the dinner they went to stay at Rosina's.

Next day was Sunday but it wasn't the off day for them...they still have to work in the bakery.

Halloween was over and the season of Christmas was about to start.

The shops were slowly decorating.

Tomorrow they are going to decorate the Piehood with Christmas lights and stuff.

Pidge was quickly asleep.

In her dream, she saw a dark room with red dim lights...the same guy she was talking to in the bar was present with her.

"Where are we?" she asked looking around.

"I am your dom for tonight, Pidge," his low voice made something raise in her stomach.

Her breaths high when she felt his hand brushing her arm and neck.

"Don't resist it..." he reached out to insert his hand inside her undies.

Rest of the time he explored her body giving pleasures to her.

Next morning they had breakfast when Lia mentioned, "You were sleep talking last night..."

Pidge paused...raised her head and spoke, "I had a wet dream last night."

Rosina, Lia and Winter chuckled lightly.

"Why are you guys laughing?" she asked narrowing her eyebrows.

"Girl you reached a certain age where you need a man," Winter said pouring the coffee on the cups.

"I don't think was just a dream," Pidge shook her head.

"Who did you had sex with?" Rosina asked patiently.

"Don't say that..." Pidge let out a low gasp and continued, "We made love."

Her cheeks turned slightly pink as she blushed.

"Oh she's blushing," Lia said smirking.

After breakfast, the girls reached the bakery and started decorating the bakery while attending the customers.

"Pidge can you pass me the sugar?" Rosina asked and she simply answered, "No..."

"What's with the narkiness?" Winter lifted a brow.

"Leave it...she's just confused," Lia who understood said to both of the girls.

Just then the bell rang and a person stepped in...perfume so strong that it spread around the bakery.

As soon as the scent of the perfume hit Pidge's nose she murmured, "Crazy spoiled brats... don't even know to wear a perfume..."

The person who had just walked to her direction somehow heard and spoke, "Can I get one mocha?"

She didn't even lift her head up, just kept on making the coffee when she mumbled, "Only if I can mix the same stingy ass perfume you're wearing in your coffee..."

The moment she raised her head to see the person her breath if a real cat got her tongue and not leaving it.

The guy chuckled lightly as he parted his lips to speak, "Hi... You didn't tell me the bakery you worked in so I..."

"Look, I'm sorry about last night...I was going through a rough patch..." his face so handsome that Pidge could only stare at him.

Rosina walked passed by her as her shoulders brushed Pidge's as she whispered, "Answer him...don't just gawk."

Pidge quickly cleared her throat and spoke, "Oh, yes. are so right."

She didn't know what she said but she said it anyway.

"By the way...nice this yours?" he asked looking around.

The guy in front of her was such a handsome, his tan body was muscular in his own way, those deep pierced warm brown eyes were so beautiful. His hair spiked up but a bit messy due to the cold breeze outside.

He was perfection...tall, broad-shouldered and so manly.

She realised that she has to answer him and suddenly remembered what Lia said about making an impression.

Without thinking she quickly spoke, "Yes! Yes, the bakery is mine..."

Rosina, Winter and Lia were astonished to see her like this...whenever nervous she always speaks whatever comes to her mind.

"Oh, nice..." he made an impressing face.

"So, Pidge...are you free this Friday?" he asked, his precious smile beyond this world.

"How do you know my name?" she asked, eyebrows knitted in confusion.

"You told me last night..." he chuckled lightly...his expressions were like it was unbelievable.

"Oh...right," Pidge gave a quick nod.

"Anyways, I will see you around. Thanks," he paid for the coffee and turned to walk away, a beautiful smile not leaving his face.

"Girl, he is interested in you!"

"You got him curious to yourself!"

"But what have you done, girl?"

Winter cheered along with Rosina but Lia was the only one with the raised brow as she spoke, "You told him that it is your bakery."

"Oh, yes! She lied! Now, what?"

"I guess he is also to go..."

Rosina and Winter said with long faces.

"It's not like we will meet again. Have you looked at him?"

"He looked someone from outside but not from our city. He will forget me soon," Pidge shrugged her shoulders and walked towards the fridge.

The girls were decorating the bakery with red and white illuminating lights and embellishing vases of fresh flowers.

Pidge was busy making customised Christmas cakes and pastries.

The gingerbread cookies were the favourite of the people there so she made them in large bulk.

"I'm so excited for Christmas..." Pidge said watching the lights blinking inside the bakery.

"This looks so amazing," Winter eagerly clapped her hands together.

After the hectic day of working Pidge finally reached her home and was greeted by an old woman.

"You are late," she said impassively.

"Yes aunty...we were decorating the bakery," answered her.

"Decorate the tree for our house, too," the old lady said when Pidge certainly nodded.

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I’m sorry but I can’t finish reading this book. I understand that the author does not speak English as their first language but the translation I guess is just wrong so very wrong or the authors grasp of English isn’t very good and they tried to write in English anyway.

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