5. Mittens Matters.

Tossing and turning her sides after every five minutes Pidge kept on thinking about the handsome guy Dylan.

He was handsome from the depths of his eyes to his tan skin, his muscular biceps pumped up from the winter coat he was wearing.

She imagined him without a hot does his body will look?

She only wonders...a ghost of a smile touched his lips when she recalled the scene of him winking in her direction right before he pulled the door of the bakery.

Pidge was going mad...she was thinking about Dylan all the time...seeing him in her dreams.

She needs to see him...

Pidge opened her phone and looked for Dylan on the Facebook search engine.

A lot of guys named Dylan appeared on the phone screen while she scrolled down just to see his picture.

Clicking on his name his profile picture remained open when she saw the very handsome face of the guy.

Her heart skipped a beat seeing the shirtless profile picture of Dylan.

"Dylan Maxwell..." she mumbled under her breath.

Suddenly her finger hit the button of request and it was sent by now.

Panicked Pidge immediately unsent the friend request and heaved in a sigh.

The night was over and it was finally morning. Another day, another adventurous day...she loves Christmas season...all the children in mittens and holding cups of hot around the market.

While packing some gingerbread cookies for the customers she smiled at the children with the couple.

"Thanks for shopping in Piehood. Merry Christmas!" her voice sweet as a melody.

Dylan stepped in the bakery with a list in his hand and said, "Hi everyone!"

"Dylan! Oh, Hi..." Winter replied happily and Lidge was glued just like she was...recalling last nights scene where she accidentally sent him the friend request.

Maybe he has seen it and came to talk about the matter.

How embarrassing!

"Hi, Pidge," he spoke politely.

"Hi, Dylan..." she let out a smile, trying to hide the hesitancy.

"I need your help. Are you free?" he asked, voice filled with hope.

"With what?" Pidge asked unaware.

The rest of the girls were just listening to their conversation.

"My mother asked me to bring all these things and I don't even know how to do this...can you help me?"

"He needs help with shopping..." Rosina whispered to Lia and Winter who immediately blurted out, "Yes! Yes, she is absolutely free."

"Who will cover my shift, then?" Pidge bit her lip in, nervousness around her pretty face.

Dylan scoffed gently and said, "Why do you need someone to cover your shift? Arent you the owner of this bakery?"

This made her realise that she lied to him about the matter.

Lying was not good...sooner or later she will be caught red-handed.

As soon as she parted her lips to speak, Lia quickly interrupted by saying, "Yes, Pidge. You have no shift just give us orders...we will handle everything."

Rosina and Winter nodded nonstop.

"Okay," she removed her apron and walked out of the counter.

Grabbing her purse and wearing the long coat, she stepped out with the handsome hunk.

Pidge and Dylan were walking down the streets when she felt the coldness and took out the mittens and a warm beanie to wear.

Dylan when saw her looking all cute in those teeny tiny mittens he let out a low chuckle...

"You still wear mittens..." he spoke with a pleasant face.

"Mittens matters..." was her answer.

Pidge took him to different cheap shops and they selected Christmas decorations together.

"Are you going to set up a Christmas tree?"

"Of course you would...everybody does. What kind of a stupid question that was?" Pidge, at first asked than answered on her own.

Dylan just let out a hearty laugh...she was such cuteness.

He reached out to touch her cheeks when he slightly pinched it by saying, "You are too cute..."

Cute? She is trying her best to be impressing lady in front of him and he just called her cute?

Too much childish for her to be cute.

Ignoring it she focused on shopping...they brought Candles, Garlands, Swags, Candy canes, Christmas Tree Ornaments.

"By the way. I want to decorate the tree, also."

He spoke, so close to her ear that it sent shivers down her spine.

She quickly remembered all the things he did to her in the dream.

Suddenly everything felt so hot...her breaths increased.

"How do you like my perfume, now?"

He stared in her beautiful ocean pearled eyes...her red hair was his favourite.

His hand slowly reached out to hold her waist gently and both of them lost in each other's eyes.

A couple entered the shop making them coming back in reality.

They took the things and went out of the shop.

"Are you hungry?" he asked and she immediately blurted out, "Yes! So much hungry..."

The way she expressed her feelings made him chuckle for a moment.

They stopped by to have a grilled cheese sandwich and a hot chocolate.

"This is my favourite," she spoke stuffing her mouth of the cheese sandwich.

He when saw the sauce in the corner of her lips, took the tissue to wipe it off and she could only stare at it, stunned.

Pidge was enjoying spending time with him.

Dylan asked her if she can help him with the tree decorations.

"My mother is not at home and before she comes...which is tomorrow. I want to surprise her by making advance preparations. Can you help me a little more?"

His sincere tone made her want to immediately say yes.

"Alright. Let me call the girls and inform them," she said excusing herself when he nodded.

Standing outside the restaurant she dialled Winter's phone number and waited for her to answer.

"Hello, Pidge? Where are you?" Winter asked in a concerned tone.

"Winter? I have to help Dylan with the tree decorations. I won't be able to come anytime soon. Can you girls handle it?" the voice of Pidge came through the phone.

"Mrs Willow is here..act like you are sick," Winter whispered and then continued in a loud tone, "Hello, Pidge? Can you hear me?"

"Why are you shouting?" Mrs Willow raised her eyebrow.

The girls had said to her that Pidge wasn't feeling well so she had to leave for home.

"Winter...I am sorry, I told you that I will come back in two hours but I am feeling so weak."

"Can you ask Mrs Willow to give me a sick leave?" she asked faking a weak tone.

Winter looked at the face of the old lady who blinked her eyes as if to give her permission.

"Of course... Mrs Willow asked you to take care of yourself."

After disconnecting the line, Winter was just doing her work when Mrs Willow stood up to say, "I'm going to my sister's house."

The girls cheered when the old woman left the bakery.

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