15. Tearing Them Apart.

After a while remaining quiet, the old lady stood up and held her clutch as she started walking.

"Come on, Dylan..." she only said this and the stepson instantly followed her leaving his fiance behind.

All the way to the house, she remained silent. He also, thinking of uttering a word but he couldn't.

Driving to his house, he parked the car outside and stopped the engine.

His mother opened the door and stepped out, slamming the door gently before walking in.

Sighing Dylan hit his hand abruptly to the steering wheel.

He was so sure that his stepmother would disapprove of the girl.

The silence on her face said it all.

Dylan had just stepped in the house when he made his way to the stairs.

Suddenly his mother called out, "Dylan..."

He paused and turned to walk to the living room as he just kept on standing.

"Go to your room and pack your bags."

As he parted his lips to speak she raised her hand to make him quiet.

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