18. Come Into My Hand.

"You don't have to continue being a baker in my bakery..." Mrs Willow quietly sipped the coffee.

"I want to..."

"Mrs Willow, you started with me. I was the only person when the bakery got opened. And now that we have reached this far...I don't want to make my energy wasted.

"I may not be the original owner of it...but deep down, I love the bakery."

The words of Pidge soothed the heart of an old lady as she let out a pleasing smile.

"It's yours...I respect your decision."

Dylan was quite satisfied with the behaviour of his mother.

He knew that she will sooner or later accept Pidge...not because he threatened her to but she could not stand against his only son.

He was her weakness.

"Pidge?" the voices of three cheerful girls came across their ears and they turned their faces around.

Lia, Rosina and Winter walked in watching the happy face of Pidge.

"Lia! Rosina! Winter!" she stood up pleasantly and went to them for a hug.

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