68. Angel Eyes.

"Come on, sister. Sit in the car, right this moment."

Maddox gestured them to sit in the car. All three of them got seated and he asked the monk to pull over.

Maddox kept his car behind them and when they reached go Vegas again, he changed his direction.

Maddox Dasher went to the beach to check up on his yacht company.

These days have been so busy for him. He was divided between two different worlds. He never knew marrying a human could bring him to face this kind of bothering things. But in the end, what matters him the most is his wife and the child which is yet to born. This story of Paxson is taking way too long. There might be a way to get rid of her...he can't just say it to her directly.

When in anger Paxson gets the most vicious witch. He can't bear to get her violence out on his child. She will go after him, that he was sure of.

The enclosed beach is silent, the bright ball blinds him as it emerges, it rises like a yellow lollipop on the dist
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