71. The French Quarter.

"Come in..." there came a rusty hissing voice and Weston and David both exchanged horrific looks.

The woman with them pushed a bit and they stepped in the room.

"Closer..." said the voice.

They took a few more steps.

"Closer...." It hissed again.

As soon as they reached more and more closer they were startled by the sudden hysteric laughing.

"On your knees...."

They immediately went into their knees and their eyes came across a pair of feet with no toes, as if it was chopped off by an axe and being tied with the thread.

Looking up the legs were slender and fair...they looked like the legs of a woman.

Looking more up their eyes met to the breasts covered with the clothing, plumpy and round.

And finally to her face.

It was a very beautiful woman ahead of them. She had platinum blonde hair tied up into a very big victorian style bun.

Her eyes warm brown and flecks of reddish look on them. She had the most beautiful smile on
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