Liam said, but I kind of overslept. I woke up after 6, I quickly head into my bathroom and brush my teeth and splash some water on my face then I quickly put on a pair of leggings and a tank top. I have no workout clothes because I never work out.
My best friend always questions how I never work out and I almost never gain weight no matter what I eat. I honestly don't know how, my sister always says it's in our mother's genes but I never actually knew my mom so I don't know.
When I get to the gym down the hall from my room and Liam's room, he was already there.
On the thread mill, looking sweaty already.
God, he's gorgeous. My panties are already getting wet from looking at him, how does anyone look so sexy while sweating.
I couldn't bring myself to go in, I just stood by the door watching and admiring the most perfect male specimen I have ever laid eyes on.
"Are you going to come in or will you just stand there and watch?" Liam asks with a smirk on his face looking at me from through the mirror. 
My cheeks heat up at the thought of being caught.
"Sorry, I'm late." I say going in and standing beside him as he gets off the thread mill.
"It's fine, so what are you starting with?" He asks.
"I have a confession." I say. "I don't actually work out so I have no idea." I say with a smile.
"Well, we can do something else?" Liam asks with a smile.
"No, I want try it." I say.
"Which one," he asks still smiling.
"How about this," I say pointing to the thread mill.
He puts it on for me and I climb up, he sets low so I'm not easily overwhelmed. He then sits by the weights while he watches me run. 
I run for a while till I find finally out of breath, he stops the thread mill for me steadying me a little.
"Come let me make us some smoothies." He says leaving the gym while I quickly follow him.
The kitchen is spotless, my brother doesn't cook so I'm not surprised but maybe Liam cooks I wonder as he pulls out fruits from the fridge.
"So do you cook?" I ask breaking the silence and making small talk.
"I don't, do you?" He asks looking up at me.
"Neither." I say and he smiles.
"We'll probably just be ordering in or going out," Liam says and I smile because that means he plans on really hanging out with me.
"So what are your plans for the day?" He asks after pouring what he blended in a cup for me and pouring one for himself.
"I'm going out with my friend Laura." I say. "What about you?" I add asking.
"Just a couple of online conference meetings." He says sitting down on the kitchen stool beside me.
"So Carla tell me, what's been going on with you." Liam says watching me closely, a little too close.
I blush, I don't know why, he wasn't flirting or anything he was just asking me a question.
"Nothing really, immediately after my graduation I joined the company and I have been busy with work since then learning everything about the company." I explain.
"That's nice, you like the work?" He asks.
"Yeah, I love it actually." I say.
"Good, because that's all that matters. You, happy." He says and my heart melts at his words.
"So besides that, your personal life?" He asks.
"You mean my love life?" I asked, blushing a little.
"Yeah, that." Liam says.
"Nothing to actually say." I say avoiding his eyes.
"What do you mean by that?" He asks laughing a little.
"I mean I don't date, or I actually haven't dated in a while." I explain.
"Why though?" He asks.
"The dating department is completely foreign to me, I have no experience there." I explain again.
"Really? So no experience at all?" Liam asks again.
"I mean I'm not a virgin, I dated during high school and university but I haven't since then." I said blushing a little.
"So just two boyfriends?" He asks.
"Yeah only two, but I have hooked up with a couple of guys just nothing to actually write about." I explain further and he laughs at my answer.
"What about you, any girlfriend?" I ask stirring the conversation back to him so he doesn't ask me another question.
"No girlfriend." He says smiling.
"Why not?" I ask.
"Don't have the time for a relationship and honestly I don't want one." He explains.
"So just random hookups then." I say and he laughs.
"Yeah, definitely that." He says with a nod.
"I see, still a player." I say smiling.
"Still?" He asks.
"Uhnmm you're best friends with my brother you have to be a player and I remember you from years ago, all you and Mickey were interested in were girls." I say. 
"You remember me from years ago?" He asked almost not believing me.
"Of course I remember you, I had a huge crush on you back then." I blurt out then quickly regretting it.
"You had a crush on me? You were only about 14years old." Liam says.
"Yeah I did but it was a long time ago." I say.
"So you don't have a crush on me anymore?" He asks with a smirk.
"No, I don't." I say lying.
"Oh that hurts, wish I had known back then." Liam says.
"Why? So you would have let me down easy?" I ask.
"Yeah that and maybe not talk about girls around you." Liam says.
"Well, it was a long time ago." I say.
"Yeah, it was. We should have dinner later, Chinese?" Liam asks checking the time.
"Yeah sure, see you." I say getting up and heading into my bedroom.

I spend the rest of the day shopping with my friend Laura from high school. "I'm so happy you're back in London. I missed you." She says dragging me into another store.
"I missed you too, I can't wait to hang out with Santy and the guys." I say.
"So where are you staying at?" She asks.
"At my brother's penthouse with Liam." I say.
"Liam? Your brother's best friend Liam?" She asks.
"Yeah." I say. All my friends and I kind of had a crush on him back then when we were teenagers, we would all hang out at my house when my brother and Liam were around. Although some of them were actually there for my brother.
Anyway Liam never actually noticed any of us.
"Is he still gorgeous?" She asks.
"More gorgeous than ever." I say with a sigh. "You have to seduce him then." Laura says laughing.
"I wish I could he still sees me as Mickey's little sister." I say with a pout.
"Then make him see you as a woman." Laura says.
"You think he'll fall for it?" I ask considering her advice.
"Babe, have you seen yourself? You're gorgeous, the perfect face, gorgeous hair, and don't get me started on your body especially those boobs of yours." Laura says.
"If I wasn't completely hetro I'll totally be into you." She adds and I laugh.
"Okay." I say. I'll try and seduce him.
"Let's stop by la perla I'll need some sexy nightwear." I say and she jumps excitedly.

I don't get back home to the penthouse till around 7 pm, we spent the day shopping then we went to a spa before finally I headed home.
When inside the penthouse, I don't find Liam so I head into my room and take a shower then I get ready for dinner with him.
I wear a little flimsy sleepwear and matching lingerie underneath, then I put on a robe on top but leaving the front open thereby not tying it making it look totally casual.
I don't wear any makeup, I let my long hair loose on my shoulders.
By the time I finished getting and went out to look for Liam, I find in the kitchen grabbing a couple of plates with Chinese takeouts beside him.
"Hey, you're back." He says pulling out wine glasses he still hasn't looked at me yet and I was panicking a little.
"Yeah got back a while ago, did lots of shopping." I say walking to him and he finally looks at me.
He swallows hard, his eyes run over my body and what I'm wearing, lingering over my chest a while longer before finally looking away.
"Let's eat." He says carrying the plates to the front of the tv.
Maybe this seduction wasn't a bad idea, kudos to you Laura, I mentally thank my bestie.
Now let's see if he can resist me.

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