What the hell is she wearing? I can't be noticing her but it's hard not to notice her. She's dressed casually in her nightwear, does she actually always dress up like that and go to sleep because damn.
I try to keep my face, my eyes and everything neutral and away from looking at her a little too much.
"What are you in the mood for? Romantic comedy, horror, or drama?" I ask, turning on the TV.
"How about your all-time favorite movie?" she asks, as we sit beside each other on the couch.
"Not sure if I have a favorite movie, but let's watch The revenant." I say going to Netflix and pressing play on the movie.
"Leonardo Dicaprio, huh?" Carla says.
"You have watched the movie?" I ask.
"Yeah, I have." She says smiling.
"Want to watch something else?" I ask.
"No, I love the movie." She says okay sure.
We watch the movie in silence, I'm not actually concentrating on the movie mostly just staring at her.
"So you like Leonardo Dicaprio?" I ask.
"Definitely on my top fantasy men." She says blushing.
"Fantasy men?" I ask intrigued by the whole conversation.
"Yeah, I'm sure you have your top fantasy women." Carla says with a laugh.
I don't say anything, I just nod and laugh.
"You have to tell me then." Carla says excitedly.
"About?" I asked, pretending not to know what she's talking about.
"About your many fantasies." She says.
"My lips are sealed when it comes to my sexual fantasies." Some of them include Carla, so it's better if I just keep quiet and don't say anything to her about fantasies.
"C'mon tell me and I'll tell you mine." She says and I actually want to tell her so I can hear her fantasies I'm actually that dirty-minded.

"You're a guy, your mind is filled with sexual fantasies." She adds her eyes sparkle with amusement.
"I'm a guy. My favorite activity is sex." I think about sex morning, noon, and night—and every second in between.
She shrugs. "You said it, I didn't."
"You tricked me into saying it." I say and she laughs.

"Are you thinking about sex now?" She asks still laughing.
The question throws me off balance. I put up my index finger, chew down my food then answer. Yes, I was thinking about sex. Tonight the object of my sexual desire is my best friend's little sister. Thought I shouldn't even dare entertain.
She stares at me for a long time, clearly mulling over my answer. I wait, hoping she'll
push. Instead, she says, "how was your day?"
Changing the subject completely.
I'm both relieved and a little disappointed the topic has moved to safer territory.
"My day was okay, just meetings upon meetings." I say.
"What are you doing tomorrow?" She asks with a smile.
"Not sure yet, why?" I ask.
"I'm going out with some friends, want to come with me?" She asks.
"Friends?" I ask.
"Okay it's just Laura and me, please come I don't want to party too much." Carla says with a cute pout.
"Okay," I say smiling.
"That's a yes?" She asks excitedly.
"Definitely a yes."
She pulls the elastic band from her messy bun. Her hair falls softly around her shoulders.
For a split second, I am filled with the desire to walk over to her side of the couch and slide my hand into her hair. I shift in my seat, willing myself to focus on why I am at Mickey's house and I'm checking out his sister.
Carla and I should only be friends.
Two heterosexual people of the opposite sex who are just friends and can never have sex. Because there's no sex without complicating our whole relationship. We should only have a platonic friendship.
I need to get a grip on my thoughts, I mentally scold myself.

Dinner with Liam was amazing, I didn't actually go fully into my seduction game tonight. I decided to pull back, I can't just keep pushing maybe he'll see that there's nothing wrong with us getting together and forget about the brothers best friends nonsense.
I call Laura immediately I'm in my room, Liam went upstairs to Mickey's study to work.

"I think your plan is totally working." I say immediately she answers the call.
"Knew it would." She says and I can actually hear the excitement in her voice.
"I asked him to go out with us tomorrow." I say.
"Good, then you'll try to make him jealous?" Laura says.
"Wow babe, it's like we totally have the same brain." I say.
"That's why we're besties." She says.
"So where are we going tomorrow?" I ask.
"Oh shoot I forgot, I have to go to an art gallery opening tomorrow." Laura says. "But you two can come?" She adds asking.
Sure, that would be fun. I say.
"Cool, I'll send you details tomorrow."
"Okay, talk to you soon. Hannah is calling me." I say ending the call and calling back my friend Hannah.
"Carla my love." She says answering the call.
"Hannah my darling." I say.
"You're back in London?" She asks.
"Yeah got back a few days ago." I say.
"Cool, I should come down there to see you."She says.
"Of course honey." I say.
"God, I miss you and university life." She says with a sigh.
"I miss you too, how's Birmingham?" I ask.
"Same old shit, I'm so bored." She says.
"Well come over this weekend?" I ask.
"No, I have an interview then, upper weekend though?" She says.
"Yeah sure." I say.
"Okay love, talk to you later." She says ending the call.
It's actually nice to be back home, I missed my friends so much. Hannah and I haven't seen each other in almost a year now.

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