The feel of Carla's lips sends my mind into a sensual state of intoxication. My eyes immediately drift shut. Every nerve in my body is vibrating, and my heart . . . Well, it's going bonkers.
Carla is kissing me.
I am completely unprepared.
Common sense tells me to stop. Don't engage. Pull away.
But I can't seem to find the strength.
I can't think straight.
My head is spinning.
Holy shit.
The kiss. It's wrecking my equilibrium, transporting me somewhere heavenly.
Her lips are soft, succulent, and fine as they linger against mine. The warmth of her mouth sends a current running through my body. Chills run over my skin, and fire burns inside me.
I feel dizzy.
My senses have been seduced by the rapid beat of my heart, the sweetness of the lip balm she swiped on a few minutes ago, the snow falling on our faces to where our lips meet, each one of us tasting the cold drops.

When Carla makes one of those soft mewling sounds from the back of her throat, I wind my hand into the softness of her slightly damp hair. Placing my other hand on the small of her back, I pull her against the wall of my chest.
Control shifts. I take over and kiss her with all the pent-up longing buried deep inside me. She moves with me, meeting me toe to toe, our tongues battling in an erotic collision. Our lips are eager, testing, exploring, until we finally break for air, breathless.
There's a delicious moment, where her face is washed blank with confusion, as if her brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to take in that we've just kissed.
"Wow." She's the first one to speak. Her voice comes out hoarse, barely audible. "That was . . . amazing."
"Out of this world," I agree, and clear my throat. Her lips are swollen strawberry pink. My heart is still hammering in my chest.
There's a pregnant pause. Words seeming to have failed her. No judgment here. My mind is still in a fog. Her gaze drops to my mouth. Mine lowers to hers for a moment, before our eyes meet again.

"I've always wondered what it would be like to kiss you."
This admission surprises me. In a good way. Carla the hottest woman on earth confessing, to being curious about the two of us kissing. "And?"
"It was magic."
Fuck. She can't say shit like that and not expect me to want more. We're still standing inches apart with one of my arms roped around her waist. I run the pad of my thumb where a snowflake has kissed her cheek and melted. "Are you drunk?"
She shakes her head and lets out a low laugh. "Why do you ask?"
"Because I'm going to kiss you again." I search her gaze.
Hungry for the connection, I slam my lips to hers. We are kissing again, so deep and hard that our lungs are breathing each other's essence. And I can't think, because Carla is the most amazing kisser. Ever.

"We shouldn't have done that." I say.
"I mean—" Carla's gaze is searching mine, her face clouded with concern. "— we both enjoyed it?. . ." She asked her voice breaking a little.
There's an awkward silence while we stand there, staring at each other.
"Carla we can't ever do that again." I say.
"You're off-limits." I add again and she frowns.
"I want to go home now." She says turning away from me.
I feel bad, I want her but I shouldn't. Friends don't mess around with friends sisters, it's an unspoken rule. Mickey will never forgive me if he even found out I kissed his sister.


Carla has been avoiding me, I don't blame her. I haven't seen her since last night and that's alright I think we both need to give each other space.
I'm at a bar with my friends, Will and Marty.

"So what were we discussing?" Will asked, thanking the waiter when he slid a plate on the table in front of him.
"We were discussing Liam and his dilemma with Carla." Marty said, and then smiled mischievously.
"There isn't a dilemma, she is just my best friend's little sister." I said. 
Will is an old friend from high school who also recently moved to London, he's a doctor and Marty is a friend from college. 
"Wait you mean you want to shag Mickey's little sister." Will asks. 
He also happens to be friends with Mickey.
"No one said anything about shagging, she's only a friends sister and Mickey wants me to help her to try and balance out work and having a personal life."
"But she's also currently living with you," Marty adds.
"Yeah temporarily, before her place gets done." I add quickly.
"I know you mate, you definitely want to shag her." Marty says laughing.
"No, I don't." I say.
"Okay so is she hot?" Will asks.
"She's gorgeous, I met her yesterday." Marty says at the same time I also say "Yeah she's hot, totally gorgeous." I say it with a lot of enthusiasm, making me wish I hadn't said anything.
"You definitely want to fuck." Will says laughing. 
"Guys that isn't the case with Carla we're definitely just friends nothing is there" I say.
"Okay okay" both Will and Marty say laughing. They changed the subject to something I wasn't quite paying attention to as thought drifted off to Carla.

My thought suddenly drift back to her, Carla's skin looked sweet, her lips were full and soft, her neck looked like it had never been marked with teeth or suction. I wanted to look more closely at her hands, at her mouth, at her breasts.
Then a notification entered my phone, checking it to see it was Mickey. Thanking me for agreeing to look after his sister while mentioning such a good friend I was.
If I was such a good friend, I wouldn't be imagining your baby sister straddling my lap, or with something a lot bigger than her thumb in her mouth. I thought to myself.
Marty clears his throat flashing me a look, "looks like you are having dirty thoughts about her." He says. As he and Will burst out laughing.
"You guys are such assholes and enough about me, let's talk about you Marty and your secret girlfriend." I say.
"Secret girlfriend?" Will asks looking at Marty.
"Yeah saw him yesterday with his secret girlfriend." I say with a laugh.
"Are you sure? Because we all know Marty is a slut." Will says and I laugh.
"I'm definitely sure." I say.
"Guys stop, and I'm perfectly capable of a relationship." Marty says.
"So a girlfriend huh?" Will asks.
"Yeah." Marty says.
"Let's see how long it lasts," Will says and we both laugh.
Marty was about to argue when his phone starts ringing. He quickly excuses himself to answer as will and I laugh out loud while he gives us both the middle finger.

"You know if you're really into Mickey's sister the best thing to do when you can't get someone out of your mind is to get someone under you, or on you." Will says smirking at me.

A while later I head back home, it was late around 12 am. Carla was probably asleep haven't seen her since our night out.
Maybe Will is right I should just call one of my casual hookups tonight. Because since our kiss all I can think about is Carla, thought that include her with me and not in a platonic way.

As soon as I get into my room, I strip off my clothes and head straight for the shower. My brain is filled with all sorts of dirty, wicked things I'd like to do to Carla. Blame the fucking kiss. The kiss she initiated and went with me again the second time around, until common sense kicked in.
Problem is, it ignited something inside me. Lust. Need.
Now, I want to breach that invisible line long established between us and fuck her until neither of us can move.
Can't think about it.
A nice shower should do the trick. Time to rinse this madness from my system. I step into the shower, releasing thousands of lukewarm drops to wet my hair and trickle down my back.
Images of Carla and I kissing continue to flood my mind. My senses are overpowered by how perfect she felt in my arms, the sweetness of her lips against mine.
For fuck's sake, I'm still turned on. If Carla were here, I'd bend her over and do her right here, with the warm water raining down our bodies.
A crazy thought of course. Because . . . well, she's on the do-not-touch list. 
My right-hand palms my throbbing dick.
A wave of guilt washes over me. Can't whack one off to Carla.
Can't go there. I have no business wanting her. She's my best friend's little sister. That makes her forbidden.

I can't do this. But I feel myself slipping. I'm losing this battle. Moving on its own accord, my hand clasps around my dick again. My eyes drift shut, and I give into the temptation of fucking Carla.
She's on her knees in front of me, wearing nothing but a lace black thong, tits jiggling while she works my dick in her mouth from the base to the tip.
She looks so fucking hot.
The hair on the back of my neck prickles. Goosebumps slither up my arms and legs. The slow burn of desire crackles. My dick throbs in my palm. Grunting, I squeeze my shaft, then continue the slow and steady motion, sliding up and down.
I want Carla, I'm hungry for her. The realization makes my head spin and scorches my body from the inside out. My heart beats faster, blood rushes to my face.
She's now on her back. Spreading her thighs open, I step into the vee of her legs and fill her to capacity in one, long stroke.
My eyes drift shut.
My head falls back.
My hand moves faster around my dick.
I am thrusting inside her, deep and borderline rough. With each stroke, I imagine the walls of her body crushing down, until she's able to accommodate every inch of my cock.
I groan with pleasure.
My gut constricts. My balls tighten.
And then I'm cuming to the images of Carla.

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So the male caractere was at first called Liam and now somehow he's Ian.Same thing with the female caracter. So which one?

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