I wake up with a hangover obviously, I wasn't really drunk yesterday just tipsy so I remember everything that went on correctly in my mind. Making out with Nate, Liam asked if I was drunk.
I go into the bathroom, I brush my teeth and splash water on my face. I leave my bedroom and go into the living Liam was sitting in the small dinning kitchen area. 
"Good morning," he says his gaze piercing into all of me. 
"Good morning" I say.
"I made coffee and here is some aspirin," he says as he passes it to me.
"Oh coffee, my savior. Thank you" I say collecting the aspirin.
"I had a good time and he didn't get me drunk." I say before he even says anything.
"Okay, just so you know, never get drunk on a first date."
"Okay, I'll remember that." I say swallowing down the aspirin.
"So want to tell me how everything went." He asks again.
"It was good totally casual. We didn't really talk, we just drank and danced."
"That's it?" He asks again.
"Well, we kind of made out in the car. Which is actually good, the whole point of it is to have fun and I had fun." 
"Glad you had fun," he says frowning.
"He wants to see me again though." I say.                                                                "So you're going out with him again?" liam asks with a frown.                                     "I mean yeah, I don't see a reason why I shouldn't." I say and Liam looks like he's going to say something but doesn't. Then after a long pause he says, "Maybe you shouldn't go out so soon with him again"

I was about to ask why, when my sister Christina enters the living room.
"Chriss? What are you doing here." I ask moving away from Liam, I was standing suddenly very close to him.
"Cedric has a meeting in London this morning so we dropped Robbie with his grandma and came together. I wanted to spend time with you," she says smiling. Smith let me in. She adds referring to the butler.
"Can I at least get a hug?" she says looking between Liam and me.
"Glad you came" I say hugging her, realizing I missed her more than I thought.
"So what's going on." she asks looking between Liam and me.
"Hello Chriss," Liam says. "Hey, Liam."
"Liam was just lecturing me on not getting drunk on a first date." I say.
"You went on a date." she asks.
"Yeah, yesterday night."
"I'll leave you two, I have a meeting to get to." Liam says.
"Okay bye." we both say.
"So a date huh? With who?" She asks.
"Just this guy Nate. Okay, that narrows it down." She says rolling her eyes dramatically. "Let's go to your room. Take a shower and we'll have a spa day and you'll tell me everything about this Nate guy."
An hour later we stopped and had breakfast in a restaurant in soho and went to our favorite London spa in Westfield.
I've told her everything about Nate, excluding the part where I tried to make Liam jealous of him and ended up kissing Liam.

"So how's it living with Liam, he's quite a slut right. Different girl every night." She says.
"Actually no, he hasn't brought anyone home since we started living together.
"Why do you think he's a slut, and we're not even supposed to use that word. That's slut-shaming" I say as we sit down to get our nails done.
"Well you know since Kathy left him for his brother Ethan he has been back to his old self, you know college days when he and Mickey were both huge sluts."
"Kathy? His brother's wife?" I ask.

"You don't know?" She asks and before I even say no she goes on. "Well okay so Kathy was his girlfriend first, he even asked her to marry him. But she fell in love with his brother Ethan and broke up with Liam. Anyway, she later married Ethan, she broke his heart. She was actually the reason he moved to London."
"Oh God that's awful, he must have been so heartbroken. How do you know any of this." I ask.
"Mickey told me. He thinks Liam is still in love with her, that's why he moved here to get over her."
All this information is foreign to me, Liam had never actually mentioned Kathy so I'm surprised.
"Anyway I'm glad he hasn't brought his one night around you," She adds.
"Yeah." I say with a nod.
"Oh that reminds me we're planning a trip to Paris for new years, and you should come down to Birmingham for Christmas." She says.

"Okay, I will," I say not even completely listening to her, still thinking about Liam and his broken heart.

Hours later, after getting our nails done, a massage, and body laser hair removal and facials. Basically a girl pampering day we got back to the hotel. My brother in law Cedric was there already waiting for my sister they're going back to Birmingham today. Liam was also there sitting in the living room watching the football game with Cedric.
"How was your day honey," he says kissing my sister. "And how was yours?" he asks hugging me next and lingering a bit.
"It was okay." I say with a forced smile pulling away from him.
"Honey let's get going promised Robbie I'll tuck him in tonight," Chriss says.
"Bye guys, Oh and Carla invite Liam too," she says as they both leave.

"What was that about," Liam asks.
I sit down next to him on the couch. "Nothing, Christina wants us to go to Birmingham for Christmas and Paris for New Years."
"Okay, don't think I can." He says "I might have work" he adds.
"C'mon Liam don't let me go alone, please." I say pouting.
"Okay I'll think about it." he says laughing.

"So what's up with Cedric, you were acting all weird around him." Liam asks.
"What? No, I'm always weird."
"Yeah you are but you were weirder than usual. C'mon what's up."
"Well okay, he's an ass. Obviously," I say silently.
"But that's not it." Liam say knowingly.
"Okay, he felt me up." I say.
"What do you mean, he felt you up?" Liam asks confused.
"One time we were alone, he came up to me and grabbed my ass." I explain.
"He was drunk though." I add.
"Carla that still doesn't make it right." Liam says.
"Was it only once? Have you told someone before?" He asks.
"No it was only twice, he tried to kiss me but I fought him off." I explain. "He wasn't married to my sister then they were just dating." I add.
"Have you told Christina? Or Mickey?" Liam asks.
"No I haven't, I tried telling Christina once but she said she doesn't want to know. So I kept my mouth shut." I say.
"Carla what he did to you is assault, you should have at least told Mickey." Liam says.
"Mickey would have killed him, and Christina really loves him. He also hasn't tried anything else with me since they got married." I say.
"Carla I'm sorry that happened to you, it makes me angry you think it's not a big deal that he grabbed you." Liam says.
"Liam, it happened a long time ago. I have been receiving unwanted attention from men since I got boobs at the age of fourteen. Most of the time honestly just want to forget it ever happened." I say.
"Tell Mickey, at least," Liam says.
"No, and promise me you'll never tell Mickey about what I just told you." I say to him.
"I promise." Liam says but not in a convincing way.
"But if he tries anything again, tell me." He adds and I nod okay.

I go into my room to change and come back out for dinner, Liam had ordered Chinese food again.
We sat in silence watching tv, some Marvel film or other, finished bowls of noodles on the coffee table and the sky outside growing dark, when my nerves got the better of me.
I shouldn't have said anything. It was silly. But the words tumbled out anyway.
"You were engaged?" I said watching Liam, he's suddenly stiff beside me.
"She married your brother huh?" I said again and when he didn't say anything I turned toward him.
When our eyes met, his jaw shifted, as if he were struggling to hold in his words. But he didn't speak, and he didn't look away.
"It was a long time ago." Liam says finally.
"Not that long, is that why you're against relationships?" I ask.
"No, I'm just not interested in a relationship." He says.
"Tell me what happened?" I ask again.
"Nothing, I was in love but she fell in love with my brother that's it." He says sternly.
He's no longer smiling, his face is tight and I suddenly feel bad for prying.
We sat for a while, silent and still before I finally got up and went to my bedroom, I really shouldn't have said anything.

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Tianna Bradley
I tried giving this book a chance, but the names issue just keeps driving me crazy 🤦🏻‍♀️

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