Chapter 167

Many hit the trees, rocks, and earth, but even more hit the Vampire’s that stalked us, wrapping around their limbs, and tightening their grip much like a snake would. It was both beautiful and deadly, watching them pierce their skin, seeing the looks of apprehension and confusion as they realized I was capable of so much more than their previous ruler.

“Lola, remember you don’t want to kill them.” I heard Tristan murmur, barely registering the sound of his voice over the roar in my ears. His hand ghosted across my shoulder in a gesture meant to soothe me, but all it did was break the haze the addictive power I wielded had over me.

The tendrils of shadow that had been tightening around their throats, turning their faces various shades of black and blue, loosened just enough to allow them air.

Rather than show my emotions and express the ripple of doubt and regret that passed through me, I steeled my spine and faced them the way a true Queen would.

“You have all made a grave mistake
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Janice Choate
I have a feeling that one of the witches that they hired to train Lola and her sister is not whom she claims to be at all.
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Lexi Garratt
Updated tonight
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It’s random and frustrating

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