Chapter 178

“What the fuck?” I deadpanned, staring at what could easily be my father’s clone like the man himself had risen from the grave and sewn his head back on.

I couldn’t process the thoughts churning in my head enough to formulate any other response, but I couldn’t help but feel as though those three words summed things up brilliantly.

He had the same thick hair, composed of the darkest onyx, that Holly and I inherited, along with the startling eyes. His build was definitely larger than my father’s, but his face, the wide-set jaw and sloped nose—that was the same.

The man who claimed to be my uncle—as if that wasn’t the weirdest thing I’d ever said, raised one of his dark eyebrows. “Well said.”

“You’re Deacon?” I managed, my voice a touch suspicious.

He nodded imperceptibly, “That’s what I’m called.”

“The former King doesn’t have a brother. I spent nearly all of my time by his side, and never had he mentioned a brother. How is this possible?” Tristan grimaced, hovering protectively at my s
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Rafaella Vittoria
I'd be like "yeah and I want you to tell me how going to kill these witches, but since you won't, I'm not telling you anything else"
goodnovel comment avatar
Nel Clarke
Equally confused… it’s one thing for the other Vamps to assume she killed him, and she is going along with it, but for her to say it in her inner monologue… does not make sense
goodnovel comment avatar
Rey Ville
I’m legitimately confused.. didn’t Asher kill her dad on the battle field? Lola was in heat in a bath tub when the shadows made her queen right?

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