Chapter 230

There was nothing in his eyes but agony. Not a hint of recognition or understanding, only pain so intense that it rendered me speechless.

Asher’s memories still lingered in my vision, imprinted on the back of my eyelids every time I blinked. Sean’s face covered in blood, the way grandma stared at Asher, seeing so clearly that it wasn’t him behind those golden eyes, hearing Asher’s screams—the way every bit of ferocity and strength left him when he realized what he’d done.

All of it was too much, too overwhelming, but my reason for staying strong was right here, inches away and crumbling to dust in my hands.

Tears streamed down Asher’s face, down his cheeks where they trickled off his jaw, tickling my wrists from where I cradled his head. I curled into his chest, holding his empty stare with every sob he held back.

His pain and guilt were a sandstorm that tore into me, scraping away at my skin, but no matter how badly I wanted to cry out and shield myself, I held back. I’d take the pai
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I think she is writing another book and holding it back like she did Violets and Ash. So she can enter a contest with 30 chapters completed. It just fits her style. That is why we are getting so many filler chapters. in my opinion only.
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She woke up (supposedly) because the witch who cursed her was killed. Remember she tried to kill Lola and Ramona or Carlotta killed her. Then Flora woke up bc the curse was gone. Flora is the blood witches 1/2 sister. They share the same alpha father.
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The book isn't completed. So you get pages when the author writes them. Make sure you check to see if a book is completed before starting to read. That isn't always a guarentee. Check out CJ Primer. Her books are fantastic. Start with Alpha Gray. 7 completed books.

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