Chapter 232

We set Sean down in the grass off the side of the road. I stood over the body of my big brother, still not allowing myself to process what had happened. The gashes across his neck and chest were unimportant. His skin was almost translucent, blending in with the muted colors of the grass so well that it was both beautiful and haunting. The way the moonlight streamed down onto his body, turning him silver, was a sight I’d never forget.

“I’m so sorry about Sean, Lola. I’m so sorry.” Holly’s shaky whisper came from behind.

Her voice was swallowed by the night, stolen by the stillness that surrounded us. I sank to my knees at Sean’s side, trailing my eyes over his dark hair and long lashes.

“What are you planning to do?” Holly asked.

The clear note of hesitation in her voice prompted me to turn my head in her direction. I scowled, confused as to why she needed me to say it aloud. A chill skated down my spine, one I ignored as I looked down at Sean once more.

“I’m going to bring my brother
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goodnovel comment avatar
She probably just got Asher or Tristan or someone to help
goodnovel comment avatar
Can we end this story!!!! It's too much heartaches!!!! ...‍♀️
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Andy Mar
Not really a fan of what’s happening with Lola

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