Chapter 6- Can't wait to break you!

Devika's p.o.v

I am sitting in front of the mirror wearing a maroon colour saree. Ruhi is putting some jewellery on me. She also did some little makeup on my face to make me look more beautiful. Neel is helping ma in arranging the food decoration and other things.

Ma came to my room and looking at me she put a black dot behind my ear to keep me away from any kind of bad eye.

She said looking at me," My daughter is looking too beautiful ".

Saying that she kissed my forehead.

Well, today Mr Abhinav Agnihotri is coming to fix our engagement and marriage date. Yes, I have agreed to this marriage because I didn't have any choice. What can I do! Without this marriage, Mr Abhinav was not helping ma. And for me, My ma is everything. For her, I can give my life and this is just a marriage.

I know it's a arrange marriage and I don't know him and neither he knows me. It's a contract type of marriage.

But still, I will do everything for my ma. Today I will ask him why he wants to marry me. From our first meeting, I understood that he hates me that's why he tried to kill me then why he is so determined to marry me! I will ask him today.

I am ready now. His family will be here anytime. I am feeling nervous and scared. I am afraid of this man. What if he really kills me. I can't think anymore. For me, Ma's happiness is the first priority.

Ma and Ruhi are checking me carefully that they forget to put something on me or not when Neel entered my room running.

" Ma, they are here," Neel said in one go.

Ma rushed to the living room area and now I am sitting here with Ruhi. My heartbeat is increasing. My heart is beating like a drum inside my rib cage. I am sweating also.

" Ohho!! Di, why are you sweating?  Your make up will be ruined." Ruhi said. Saying that she wiped my sweat bids with a tissue.

I don't know what's they are talking about in the living room but I know it must be regarding business. I am fidgeting my fingers and looked at the mirror. I am looking beautiful but my eyes are not showing any happiness. They are looking dead. I am seeing myself intensely when Ma comes to my room and told me to go to the living room.

This time my heart started beating too fast like it will come out any time from my ribcage.

Ruhi helped me to go to the living room and I saw his full family is sitting there. Seeing me, Arnav gives a sad smile, Arushi is smiling brightly like she is too much excited. But that arrogant sister of Arushi and the beast are impassive. They are sitting there like nothing is happening. I can't look at the beast properly. He is too much scary.

I sat beside ma and ma said holding my hands," This is my daughter Devika Gupta".

" I know who she is,  let's come to the point. After one week the engagement will be held and after two days of engagement, the marriage will be held. The marriage will be simple. Only family members will be present there. No outsiders will not be allowed " The beast said with his deep voice scaring me from my core.

" But isn't it too early? How can we do all the preparations in such a short period of time?  And why a simple ceremony. It's the richest businessman's marriage then why... Ma hasn't finished her talking.

The beast's voice echoed through the whole room. He said angrily, " This is my decision. I think you don't have the audacity to talk back with me. Am I right?"

Threat is clear in his voice.

Ma just zipped her mouth. She has to agree with him because she has no choice to talk back.

His siblings are sitting there saying nothing. I know they can't talk in front of that beast. Actually, no one dares to talk in front of him.

Well, everything is now settled. They have fixed the marriage date and other things. They are eating the snacks which are served by us. They liked these homemade foods. Ma informed them that all snacks are made by me.  His other siblings complimented me even that arrogant Avantika but my soon to be husband said nothing. He didn't even look at me properly. 

Suddenly ma said, Devika why don't you show your room to your would-be husband? " What will he do by seeing my room"? I thought confusingly. Then I understand Ma is giving me the opportunity to talk with him alone.

I am going to say something when he stands up from his seat and said," Let's go".

He agreed so easily.! This man is totally unpredictable! His mood swings are like the wind change its direction.

So, I have to show him my room.

We both are going to my room. Now, I looked properly at him. He is too tall and way too muscular. My head is barely reaching his shoulders. I am looking like that mouse in front of that lion from the story we have learnt in our childhood.

He is wearing a black suit which is fitting his body perfectly. His masculine scent is reaching at my nostril making Butterfly in my stomach. He is a dark-skinned person and looks so elegant. In my whole life, I only saw him looking so handsome. His eyes are black and he has thick beard. His shoulder-length hair is gelled nicely. Moreover, he is looking scary yet handsome.

The whole time he didn't look at me.

When we reached my room, without saying anything he closed the door. This time I am scared too much. Why he locked the door. He turned towards me and gave me a smirk. I am not understanding his motive. What's he up to? I am seeing him with open eyes and a shocked expression.

He came towards me and touched my right cheek with his right palm. His touch gave me an electric shock type sensation.

I am seeing him with scared expression and he is now checking me out from head to toe. I can see the lust in his eyes. Looking at his eyes I am feeling like he will devour me at any time.

He trailed his fingers on my lips and my whole face. His touch is making me uncomfortable though he is my would-be husband.  No man ever touched me like that.

Without any warning, he pulled me by my waist and caged me into his large arms. Instinctively I started wriggling but he is like a rock that isn't moving anywhere.

He bent down to my level and said in my ear with his deep voice," You are my doll. I can't wait to break you. You are looking too much ravishing in this saree. I am sure you will look much ravishing without clothes".

What the hell he is saying. He is seeing me like that. He is a complete pervert and I have to marry him!! Never, I won't marry him. I will tell everything to ma.

I made a disgusted face and he gave me another smirk. Then he jerked me off from his embrace like trash and left the room. I landed on my bed in an awkward position because of his jerk. Is he insane!!

And I didn't even get the chance to ask him why he wants to marry me!!

Author's p.o.v

It's night time. Devika is in her room. She is thinking about today's incident. She is feeling too much tensed. She is only thinking about Abhinav. His whole aura always scares her and now his talking is creepy. She has made her mind that she will not marry him. But she is not finding any courage to say this to her mother.

She isn't understanding what she should say. How can she tell her mother about Abhinav? She is in total turmoil.

She is lying on her bed but sleep is far away from her eyes. After some time gathering all courage she stood up from her bed and went to her mother's room. She has to tell her everything. When she reached her mother's room, she found that her mother is not there. "Where did she go at this hour?" Devika wondered.

Devika is searching for her mother in the whole house when she found her mother in front of God's idol. Her mother is praying joining her both hands.

Bhabani said to God closing her eyes," Hey, God. I just hope everything goes well. Please keep my daughter happy. I know you will not abandon me with my problems. You have sent Abhinav as our saviour though he is too much arrogant but Without him, I would have been on the streets right now".

Listening to her devika remembered Abhinav's warning. If this marriage get cancelled then he will also cancel the deal and her whole family will be on the road. And Devika also knows how much her mother loves this company.

She couldn't stand there anymore and went back to her room. She locked the door and started crying loudly. She has no choice without marrying him.

She isn't finding any positive vibe from him. And he also threatened her that he will break her. All these things are making Devika more vulnerable.

She cried loudly and said," Papa, if you were here then this things won't happen ever. Why did you leave me alone?

After crying for hours she slept on her bed. Her whole face is now stained with dry tears. She is totally unaware of the fact that what's Abhinav is planning for her!!

Abhinav's p.o.v

" Ma, I have arranged everything for their destruction. From this onwards they are my puppet. I can play with them however I want", I said to ma who is smiling at me.

She is looking too beautiful in her red saree. She is the most beautiful, elegant and soft-hearted woman I have ever seen.

" What about devika? Isn't she beautiful?  My subconscious asked me.

I punched my face drawing blood from my nose and said angrily, " Don't you dare to compare Ma with that bitch's daughter".

I warned my subconscious. After meeting Devika, my subconscious is totally occupied by that bitch's daughter. He can't get over her. Though that devika is beautiful but not more than ma.

" Ma, I will make her do everything which those people made you to do. This is my promise "I promise you ma.

Today I am feeling too contented. Finally, that Gupta family is in my clutch. I have to wait for only one week. After that, I will start my real game. I will make that Bhabani regret her birth.

But, her daughter is doing something with my mind. Whenever I remember Devika, I felt an unknown sensation. I don't know what's this sensation.

Today when I saw her I couldn't take off my eyes from her. Though I was behaving like I am not seeing her. But my whole attention was on her. She was looking so ravishing on that saree.

" Very soon, I will devour you whole, my doll", I thought in my demonic mind.

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as a black person reading this book I am really really offended by the statement you made about "very handsome even for a BLACK person". I find highly racist.

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