Chapter 10- A Bed Warmer

Devika's p.o.v

A bed warmer!! Just a bed warmer!! This is my value in front of him!!

I am sitting on the floor wrapping a thin sheet around me and seeing him with wide eyes. He stood up from the bed with his naked glory and started going to the washroom.I am not crying anymore like my tears are dried down now. I only want one answer of a question.

I asked him, "If you hate me that much then why did you marry me?He turned at me and nodded his head.

He said," good question. This is just starting. You will come to know about everything."

" I can't tolerate this humiliation. Send me back to my home. I don't want to live with you" I told him clutching the sheet tightly. I am feeling like a used tissue paper. He raped me then kicked me from his bed like I am any kind of whore who has no respect.

Listening to my words he laughed like I have said a joke. He came towards me and fisted my hairs in his hand tightly. I hissed in pain. He had already pulled my

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Kenia ulloa
Omg how can a mother do this to her own daughter selling her to the beast does she know who he is she was I love with his father and make her mother names so she can be with him
goodnovel comment avatar
Is she even her real mother?

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