Chapter 16- A new trouble

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" Nice to meet you Mr & Mrs Khurana," Abhinav said to Vikram Khurana and his wife Kavya Khurana. They also greeted him back. Then Arnav and Arushi also came forward and greeted them.

Mr Khurana asked Abhinav," Where is my would-be daughter-in-law?

Abhinav called Avantika and seeing Avantika Mr Khurana said," Here you are. You are looking beautiful, dear".

Avantika blushed hearing Mr Khurana and smiled at him. Mrs Khurana hugged her and kissed her forehead.

They are talking when Arnav asked," where is our brother-in-law? He is late at his own marriage announcement!!".

Mrs Khurana informed," Actually he is trapped i

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